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:: "Is there an economical miracle in ecological goods?"

"Hollywood’s biggest movie stars like Julia Robert and Leonardo di Caprio teach us how. Ecological awareness becomes trendy and Germany as export champion helps with its highly developed environmental technology. Is there an ecological economic miracle taking place?"

:: Mojib Latif: Climate change has to have top political priority

Mojib Latif, 52, is a professor at the Leibniz-Institute for Marine Sciences in Kiel. Part of his research consists of developing climate models and studying man’s influence on climate. For his achievements, he received the “Sverdrup Gold Medal” from the American Meteorological Society and he is the author of several popular science books on climate change.

:: Dr. Gerhard Knies in BBC about Concentrating Solar Power

Own Transcript of the Interview with Dr. Gerhard Knies, BBC Radio 4, "The World Tonight".

:: “Renewables can best reduce the economic risks”

Economic expert Shimon Awerbuch on how renewable energy can make electricity cheaper. Interviewed by Peter Ahmels and Hanne May, Photographed by Axel Schmidt.

:: “The world would be better off without people”

The Dalai Lama and the TV reporter Franz Alt have met 19 times in the last few years. This has resulted in many TV programmes, many articles, and joint events. Here are some extracts from these conversations.
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Interview 11-15 from 15

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"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."

His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama

Jimmy Carter

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