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+ 16.11.2011 + Pug sorts paper from plastic, rides mass transit, swaps carrots for cows and a whole bunch of other stuff that proves being green is totally easy!

:: New Silent ‘Eco Whisper’ Wind Turbine is More Efficient Than Three Blade Models

+ 15.11.2011 + The new Eco Whisper wind turbine is not only silent, it is also adjustable, visible to birds and bats, and is more efficient than current three blade turbines.

:: New UNEP Report Tracks the Changing Global Environment over the Past Two Decades

+ 12.11.2011 + The environmental changes that have swept the planet over the last twenty years are spotlighted in a new compilation of statistical data by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), released today in a report entitled "Keeping Track of our Changing Environment: From Rio to Rio+20".

:: The 2011 Top Ten Worst Pollution Problems Worldwide

+ 12.11.2011 + The 2011 Environmental Report quantifies for the first time the health impacts of the world's worst pollution problems.

:: Under Pressure

+ 12.11.2011 + How our material consumption threatens the planet´s water resources.

:: PV Capacity Expansion to Slow to 10% in 2012; 2011 Expansion Tops 50%

+ 11.11.2011 + The expansion of PV module, cell and wafer manufacturing capacity will slow dramatically throughout the rest of 2011 and the first half of 2012 according to the latest quarterly report from IMS Research.

:: Sandbag launches Klimagoldesel report on German Carbon Fatcats

+ 09.11.2011 + Our aim in producing this report is to contribute to the debate about how Germany and Europe can successfully transition to a low carbon economy.

:: Power Perspectives 2030 – On the road to a decarbonised power sector

+ 08.11.2011 + Europe’s 2020 plans on-track for decarbonised power in 2050 if fully implemented: Renewable Energy continues to drive decarbonisation toward 2030

:: Thermal imaging guidebook for building and renewable energy applications

+ 06.11.2011 + Thermal imaging cameras are powerful and non invasive tools for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings.

:: European Bank Lending Squeeze Begins to Curb Solar Panel Demand

+ 05.11.2011 + European banks are tightening credit lines for solar power developers, reducing demand for photovoltaic panels in the world’s largest market for the technology, two of the industry’s biggest suppliers said.

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Article 991-1000 from 2334

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