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Article 991-1000 from 2255

:: Melting ice linked to polar bear cub mortality as moms swim farther

+ 28.07.2011 + Study represents the first empirical research to find a significant, increasing trend in polar bear long-distance swimming.

:: Climate Action: Reducing CO2 emissions from cars through eco-innovation

+ 27.07.2011 + The automotive industry will have a greater incentive to invest in new technologies that reduce CO2 emissions from new cars, under legislation adopted by the European Commission.

:: Renewables 2011 Global Status Report

+ 26.07.2011 + In 2010, renewable energy supplied an estimated 16% of global final energy consumption and delivered close to 20% of global electricity.

:: Japan’s Prime Minister looks to a nuclear-free future

+ 25.07.2011 + In a series of recent reversals from Germany to Italy, Switzerland to Kuwait - where governments and the people have turned their backs on nuclear power - the global nuclear industry must surely and rightly be fearful for its long term future.

:: Donors and governments fail to deliver on East Africa aid effort

+ 24.07.2011 + Oxfam reveals $800 million black hole in aid response to crisis.

:: Warning of climate change’s threat to global security, Ban urges concerted action

+ 23.07.2011 + Climate change is a real threat to international peace and security, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, urging developed countries to lead the global effort to find ways to mitigate and adapt to it detrimental effects, with emerging economies shouldering their fair share of the responsibility.

:: While you’re up, print me a solar cell

+ 16.07.2011 + New MIT-developed materials make it possible to produce photovoltaic cells on paper or fabric, nearly as simply as printing a document.

:: Wind Energy is locomotive of the changing energy supply system worldwide

+ 14.07.2011 + Wind energy has become the locomotive of the change of the energy system worldwide.

:: Solar Markets in the U.S: big, booming, and oh so bright

+ 13.07.2011 + California still ranks as the largest U.S. market, with some 28% of installed capacity completed in 2010, but faces some competition as other states embrace renewables.

:: Solar facilities for the Philippines

+ 11.07.2011 + The Philippines are a forgotten land with regard to solar energy – reason enough for the Solar Energy Foundation to become active there and bring in their comprehensive approach.

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Article 991-1000 from 2255

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