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Article 991-1000 from 2145

:: Space weather disrupts communications, threatens other technologies on Earth, says CU-Boulder prof

+ 18.02.2011 + A powerful solar flare has ushered in the largest space weather storm in at least four years and has already disrupted some ground communications on Earth, said University of Colorado Boulder Professor Daniel Baker, an internationally known space weather expert.

:: AQT Ships Its First CIGS PV Panels

+ 17.02.2011 + Innovative CIGS cell manufacturer gets to shipments and initial revenue at an unprecedented pace.

:: World food prices reach new historic peak

+ 15.02.2011 + 3.4 percent surge in January - FAO updates Food Price Index.

:: Millennium consumption goals (MCG) how the rich can make the planet more sustainable

+ 14.02.2011 + Millennium consumption goals (MCG) could help make our development path more sustainable, by focusing on the 1.4 billion people in the richest 20 percentile of the world’s population.

:: Sarnia Solar PV Farm

+ 12.02.2011 + The biggest solar PV power plants in the world are in Kanada, in Ontario, near Sarnia, not in the USA.

:: The Amazon’s ability to withstand climate change weakened by severe drought

+ 11.02.2011 + Severe drought could turn the Amazon rainforest into a source of carbon emissions contributing to climate change, rather than a carbon sink absorbing emissions.

:: Sec. Chu Announces More 'SunShot' Details

+ 10.02.2011 + The Secretary Chu announced more details of the Department’s “SunShot” initiative to bring the total costs of utility scale solar energy systems down about 75% - to roughly $1 a watt  - by 2020, a feat that would make large scale solar energy cost competitive with electricity from fossil fuels.

:: Rare earths – A turning point for efficiency and recycling

+ 10.02.2011 + The recycling of rare earths is a strategy geared to the sustainable use of valuable raw materials in times of rising prices and the scarcity of such resources.

:: New GTM Research Report Finds Global CSP Market Under Siege by PV

+ 10.02.2011 + Unprecedented growth mitigated by increased competition from lower cost PV.

:: Solar PV Becoming Cheaper than Gas in California?

+ 09.02.2011 + We hear it every day: "Solar is too expensive." Well, not according to the California utility Southern California Edison.

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Article 991-1000 from 2145

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