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Article 131-140 from 2142

:: Spread of genetically engineered plants out of control in many countries

+ 23.11.2013 + Contamination in biodiversity will burden following generations.

:: Minesto’s step-change marine power plant now producing electricity in Northern Ireland proving viability for huge ocean current power market

+ 23.11.2013 + The Deep Green ‘underwater kite’ marine power plant is now producing electricity in the waters off Northern Ireland.

:: Expert assessment: Sea-level rise could exceed one meter in this century

+ 22.11.2013 + Sea-level rise in this century is likely to be 70-120 centimeters by 2100 if greenhouse-gas emissions are not mitigated, a broad assessment of the most active scientific publishers on that topic has revealed.

:: NPD Solarbuzz; Integrated Solar PV Polysilicon and Wafer Suppliers to Drive Production Costs Below $0.20 per Watt in 2014

+ 22.11.2013 + Since 2008, solar PV wafer manufacturing costs (the combined costs of polysilicon and wafer processing) have declined more than 16 percent per year.

:: Ocean acidity is increasing at an unprecedented rate

+ 21.11.2013 + The unprecedented rate of ocean acidification is one of the most alarming phenomena generated by climate change and the only way to mitigate the dangers it represents consists in reducing CO2 emissions significantly.

:: Boeing Subsidiary Spectrolab Sets New Solar Cell Efficiency World Record

+ 21.11.2013 + Solar cell converts 38.8 percent of solar energy into electricity. Bests own previous world record set earlier this year.

:: New Approach Advances Wireless Power Transfer for Vehicles

+ 20.11.2013 + Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed new technology and techniques for transmitting power wirelessly from a stationary source to a mobile receiver.

:: “The Global 100% Renewable Energy Coalition called upon national governments to commit to 100% renewable energy targets and strategies.”

+ 19.11.2013 + The Global 100% Renewable Energy Coalition today called at the UN climate summit upon national governments to commit to 100% renewable energy targets and strategies.

:: The Climate Change Performance Index 2014

+ 19.11.2013 + A comparison of the 58 top CO2 emitting nations.

:: Low Carbon Economy Index 2013 | Busting the carbon budget

+ 18.11.2013 + For the fifth year running we have examined the rate of decarbonisation in the G20 in our Low Carbon Economy Index (LCEI). And it's not good reading.

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Article 131-140 from 2142

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