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Article 141-150 from 2307

:: Ice-loss moves the Earth 250 miles beneath our feet

+ 20.05.2014 + At the surface, Antarctica is a motionless and frozen landscape.  Yet hundreds of miles down the Earth is moving at a rapid rate, new research has shown.

:: China Targets 70 Gigawatts of Solar Power to Cut Coal Reliance

+ 19.05.2014 + China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, plans to speed up solar power development.

:: West Antarctica Glaciers: Past the Point of No Return

+ 17.05.2014 + A rapidly disappearing section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet appears to be on an unstoppable path to complete meltdown.

:: Asia-Pacific to account for 90.4% of the world’s solar module production in 2014

+ 17.05.2014 + China to Continue Shining at Head of Solar Module Production Market in 2014.

:: CG substation to help E.ON supply renewable energy to 300,000 homes

+ 15.05.2014 + Innovative AC/AC connecting technology to reduce cost and maintenance.

:: ZSW joins forces with KAUST in thin-film photovoltaic technology

+ 13.05.2014 + Saudi Arabia plans to have 16 gigawatts of peak photovoltaic capacity installed by 2030 as part of a Renewable Energy Program.

:: Subsidence in megacities on the coast greater than absolute sea level rise

+ 11.05.2014 + In many coastal cities, the ground is now sinking faster than the sea level is rising due to climate change.

:: Uncorking East Antarctica yields unstoppable sea-level rise

+ 10.05.2014 + East Antarctica’s Wilkes Basin is like a bottle on a slant, once uncorked, it empties out.

:: Plans to reach annual 1.5% energy savings fall short of credibility

+ 09.05.2014 + Coalition identifies weaknesses in national implementation of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive.

:: From the German Zugspitze to Israel’s Negev Desert

+ 07.05.2014 + Fraunhofer ISE Investigates Aging of Solar Collectors in Extreme Climates.

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Article 141-150 from 2307

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