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Article 141-150 from 2280

:: European Parliament vote on plastic bags confirms important contribution of compostable bags to enhanced biowaste collection

+ 17.04.2014 + This Week the European Parliament adopted a report to demonstrateits support for decisive action to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic carrierbags in Europe.

:: ChargeLounge: fast charging reinvented!

+ 16.04.2014 + New quick-charge station offers high-charging capacity, easy installation andlounge access.

:: Can the World Bank Meet Sustainability and Governance Challenges?

+ 15.04.2014 + Launch of report Designed for the Future? Assessing Principles of Sustainable Development and Governance in The World Bank’s Project Plans

:: No Rooftop left behind

+ 14.04.2014 + Imagine a time when every rooftop in the world has a solar panel on it.  Looking at Google Earth, all the rooftops you see would have panels.

:: The Millennium Project: an international network of Nodes

+ 12.04.2014 + The Millennium Project connects futurists around the world to improve global foresight.

:: Flexible solar building elements open new doors for architects

+ 12.04.2014 + Launch of EU project: tailored solar facades to be designed at the click of a button.

:: Panasonic cells achieve world's highest energy conversion efficiency

+ 11.04.2014 + Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has achieved a conversion efficiency of 25.6% (cell area*3: 143.7 cm2) in its HIT® solar cells, a major increase over the previous world record for crystalline silicon-based solar cells.

:: Half of power plant capacity additions in 2013 came from natural gas

+ 11.04.2014 + Natural gas-fired power plants accounted for just over 50% of new utility-scale generating capacity added in 2013.

:: Even thinner solar cells through use of nanoparticles

+ 10.04.2014 + Nanostructures could enable more light to be directed into the active layer of solar cells, increasing their efficiency.

:: State aid: Commission adopts new rules on public support for environmental protection and energy

+ 09.04.2014 + The European Commission has adopted new rules on public support for projects in the field of environmental protection and energy.

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Article 141-150 from 2280

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