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Article 151-160 from 2145

:: World first UV powered Pathway

+ 08.11.2013 + STARPATH could be an alternative to street lighting.

:: New Report Cites the World's Worst Polluted Places

+ 08.11.2013 + Top Ten Toxic Threats in 2013: Cleanup, Progress, and Ongoing Challenges.

:: Carbon taxes and emissions trading are cheapest ways of reducing CO2, OECD says

+ 07.11.2013 + Carbon taxes and emission trading systems are the most cost-effective means of reducing CO2 emissions, and should be at the centre of government efforts to tackle climate change, according to a new OECD study.

:: EU Commission: Guidance for state intervention in electricity

+ 06.11.2013 + The EU internal energy market is essential both to ensure secure energy at affordable prices and to fight climate change.

:: Emissions pricing revenues could overcompensate profit losses of fossil fuel owners

+ 05.11.2013 + Revenues from global carbon emission pricing could exceed the losses fossil fuel owners suffer from this policy.

:: Industrial Ph.D.: Critical wafer parameters for the efficiency and degradation of solar cells

+ 05.11.2013 + In his Ph.D. project, Elkem’s Espen Hvidsten Dahl found that even small concentrations of sodium in silicon may decrease a solar cell’s efficiency.

:: EU-Commission proposes to reduce the use of plastic bags

+ 04.11.2013 + The European Commission adopted a proposal that requires Member States to reduce their use of lightweight plastic carrier bags.

:: Warm winters let trees sleep longer

+ 02.11.2013 + Climate change alters timing of spring growth in forests.

:: Meet the Next-Generation Bus

+ 01.11.2013 + For a lot of cities, the future of public transportation is going to be the good old bus. That doesn't mean the bus itself will be good and old.

:: Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway generating sunlight in Rjukan

+ 31.10.2013 + Rjukan in Norway is one of those places which are located in narrow valleys, meaning that they experience daylight but no direct sunshine in the winter months.

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Article 151-160 from 2145

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