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Article 181-190 from 2147

:: Climate and energy targets

+ 12.10.2013 + EU largely on track but mixed picture across Member States.

:: Fossil fuel divestment campaigns can help ‘stigmatise’ industry

+ 11.10.2013 + A new study has outlined how investors and campaigners can effectively leverage their collective influence to get the most out of the fossil fuels divestment movement.

:: More than 500 million people might face increasing water scarcity

+ 10.10.2013 + Both freshwater availability for many millions of people and the stability of ecosystems such as the Siberian tundra or Indian grasslands are put at risk by climate change.

:: “Quality of Life in European Cities” Survey

+ 09.10.2013 + A snapshot of citizens’ anxieties and hopes in urban centres.

:: Global food waste explained (with 5 tomatoes)

+ 08.10.2013 + The world only eats a little more than half the food it grows.

:: World first solar lantern with 300 Lumen brightness

+ 07.10.2013 + The manufacturer Niwa Solar, based in Hong Kong, developed a lamp that generates a brightness of 300lm.

:: Japan’s Solar Projects Constrained by Land and Grid, BNEF Says

+ 05.10.2013 + Land and grid constraints mean only 14% of the solar projects approved under an incentive program for clean energy by Japan, set to become the largest solar market this year, were generating power by May.

:: Global Solar Installation Growth Set to Hit Three-Year High in 2014

+ 04.10.2013 + The analysts estimate that 41 GW of solar power will be installed next year, generating global revenues in excess of $86 billion.

:: Solar to add more Megawatts than Wind in 2013, for first time

+ 03.10.2013 + Research company’s figures show contrast this year between strong growth in photovoltaic installations and sharp fall in new wind capacity added.

:: The World Bank Debuts Disaster Risk Management Publication for Latin America and the Caribbean

+ 02.10.2013 + The two dozen island nations of the Caribbean, and the 40 million people who live there, are in a state of increased vulnerability to climate change.

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Article 181-190 from 2147

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