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Article 11-20 from 2302

:: European Commission study shines light on the true cost of energy

+ 15.10.2014 + The European Commission study on “Energy subsidies and costs in the EU”, released, demonstrates that the direct total cost of conventional energy technologies, such as coal and nuclear, is much higher than the direct cost for solar energy.

:: Ancient sea level changes

+ 15.10.2014 + RSES scientists have produced the first detailed record of sea levels over the past 500,000 years and spanning five ice ages, using microfossils from sediments in the Red Sea.

:: Efficiency Enhancements to Define Solar PV Technology Roadmap for the Next Five Years, According to NPD Solarbuzz

+ 14.10.2014 + Opportunities exist for a variety of solar PV technologies, but panel power ratings must continue strong upward growth trends.

:: China's New Energy Revolution

+ 13.10.2014 + Hanergy Chairman Releases "China's New Energy Revolution" in English at Frankfurt Book Fair.

:: Living Planet Report 2014

+ 11.10.2014 + The Living Planet Report is the world's leading, science-based analysis on the health of our planet and the impact of human activity.

:: Wind, Solar Generation Capacity Catching Up with Nuclear Power

+ 10.10.2014 + New Worldwatch Institute analysis examines global trends in renewable and nuclear power.

:: aleo solar presents new module with excellent weak light behaviour

+ 09.10.2014 + aleo solar will be unveiling its new 300 watt high-power module boasting improved weak light behaviour at the Solar Energy UK exhibition.

:: Solar PV installed in the fourth quarter of 2014 to reach 20 GW

+ 08.10.2014 + 2014 on track to reach 50 GW.

:: Pedestrians and cyclists receive “reverse toll money” in Norway

+ 07.10.2014 + As part of Norway’s ongoing European Mobility Week celebrations, around 10,000 NOK (€1,200) was handed out in the town of Lillestrøm to pedestrians and cyclists in “reverse toll money”.

:: Classic red phone boxes solve modern dilemma for mobile users

+ 06.10.2014 + London’s disused red phone boxes will be given a new lease of life.

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Article 11-20 from 2302

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