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Article 221-230 from 2307

:: Climate change is here now and it could lead to global conflict

+ 17.02.2014 + The record rainfall and storm surges that have brought flooding across the UK are a clear sign that we are already experiencing the impacts ofclimate change.

:: Against thirst and drought in the Mediterranean region

+ 15.02.2014 + How can the increasingly scarce resource called water be exploited and used intelligently?

:: AVANCIS achieves new certification record for thin-film module NREL certified efficiency of CIS module with 16.6%

+ 14.02.2014 + AVANCIS achieved a new efficiency world record for encapsulated thin-film modules.

:: NREL Report Finds Similar Value in Two CSP Technologies

+ 14.02.2014 + Findings demonstrate increasing importance for systems with thermal energy storage.

:: Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Daiichi

+ 13.02.2014 + Social, Political and Environmental Issues.

:: A Global Perspective on the Recent Storms and Floods in the UK

+ 12.02.2014 + This winter the UK has been affected very severely by an exceptional run of winter storms, culminating in serious coastal damage and widespread, persistent flooding.

:: Smart grids to help optimizing the utilization of power grids

+ 11.02.2014 + Germany's power grids are not yet well prepared for the current consequences of our Energiewende, wide fluctuations in the supply of electricity from renewable sources, which conflict with patterns of demand.

:: Wind growth slows in 2013

+ 10.02.2014 + During 2013, 11,159 MW of new wind energy capacity came on line in the EU-28, a decrease of 8% compared to 2012.

:: Climate economics: Make supply chains climate-smart

+ 08.02.2014 + Society's infrastructure is hit hard by extreme weather. Networks of trade, transport and production need to adapt globally, says Anders Levermann.

:: Japanese regions transition to 100% renewable energy

+ 07.02.2014 + Local governments across Japan are seeking to supply their regions with 100% renewable energy, three years after the major earthquake which resulted in a nuclear disaster.

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Article 221-230 from 2307

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