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Article 231-240 from 2217

:: EU-Commission proposes to reduce the use of plastic bags

+ 04.11.2013 + The European Commission adopted a proposal that requires Member States to reduce their use of lightweight plastic carrier bags.

:: Warm winters let trees sleep longer

+ 02.11.2013 + Climate change alters timing of spring growth in forests.

:: Meet the Next-Generation Bus

+ 01.11.2013 + For a lot of cities, the future of public transportation is going to be the good old bus. That doesn't mean the bus itself will be good and old.

:: Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway generating sunlight in Rjukan

+ 31.10.2013 + Rjukan in Norway is one of those places which are located in narrow valleys, meaning that they experience daylight but no direct sunshine in the winter months.

:: "Energy of the Future" - new directions for biohydrogen production

+ 30.10.2013 + Hydrogenases are world champions in the production of hydrogen. Under optimum conditions they can produce 9000 hydrogen molecules hydrogenase enzyme in a single second.

:: Climate Change & the Global Conveyor Belt

+ 29.10.2013 + The global conveyer belt is part of the large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by differences in the density of the waters.

:: Nations, Do Not Wait for the Energy Corporations!

+ 26.10.2013 + Your country can reduce the price of electricity by greater than half with clean power! We can reduce our electricity price and the expenditures for heating and driving our car by two thirds.

:: Fracking explained: opportunity or danger

+ 26.10.2013 + Fracking is a controversial topic.

:: New Research Project Evaluates Damage to Solar Modules

+ 25.10.2013 + Long-term study stretching over four years evaluates the effects of typical damage to photovoltaic modules.

:: Wind power seen generating up to 18% of global power by 2050

+ 24.10.2013 + New IEA publication details the advances in technology that make increasingly possible a surge from the current 2.6%.

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Article 231-240 from 2217

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