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Article 21-30 from 2333

:: IRENA Opens Council Meeting Amid Global Calls for Expanding Renewable Energy

+ 04.11.2014 + The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) gathered representatives from over 90 countries in Abu Dhabi to review and recommend actions to scale-up renewable energy around the world.

:: Climate change: Limiting short-lived pollutants cannot buy time on CO2 mitigation

+ 04.11.2014 + Targeting emissions of non-CO2 gases and air pollutants with climate effects might produce smaller benefits for long-term climate change than previously estimated, according to a new integrated study of the potential of air pollution and carbon dioxide mitigation.

:: World population likely to peak by 2070

+ 03.11.2014 + New population projections from IIASA researchers provide a fundamentally improved view of future population, structured by age, sex, and level of education, which differ from recent projections by the United Nations.

:: Adoption of Latest IPCC Climate Science Sets World for Crucial Lima Talks, Underlines Urgent Need for Bold Political Agreement Post-2015

+ 02.11.2014 + NEP Commends Extraordinary Efforts of Thousands of Scientists and Calls for Global Response Commensurate with the Scale of Challenges Ahead.

:: “Climate change mitigation doesn't cost the earth”: IPCC author Edenhofer

+ 02.11.2014 + The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) completed its Fifth Assessment Report on Sunday in Copenhagen.

:: Low Carbon and Nur Energie support energy security with large scale solar project in Tunisia

+ 01.11.2014 + TuNur project will provide clean energy to more than 2.5 million homes, creating double the energy of UK’s nuclear energy output.

:: 'Record year' for bank coal financing as latest UN climate warning looms

+ 31.10.2014 + Ninety-two leading banks last year provided at least EUR 66 billion in financing to the coal industry, according to new coal financing data released today in BankTrack's ‘Banking on coal 2014' report.

:: Car and van makers continue to meet CO2 emission targets ahead of schedule

+ 31.10.2014 + Almost all car and van manufacturers have met European carbon dioxide emission limits several years ahead of their deadlines, according to updated information from the European Environment Agency (EEA).

:: Climatescope 2014 – Global study shows clean energy activity surges in developing world

+ 30.10.2014 + China, Brazil and South Africa show wide diversity of clean energy investment opportunities

:: White solar modules: a revolution for building integration

+ 28.10.2014 + CSEM announces the world’s first white solar modules.

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Article 21-30 from 2333

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