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Article 21-30 from 2302

:: Dynamic drive in CO2 utilization

+ 04.10.2014 + New challenges for sustainable chemistry in CO2 economy.

:: New production line for tailored solar facades completed as part of EU project

+ 02.10.2014 + Architects repeatedly find that their designs for solar facade elements are either technically impossible or too expensive to implement.

:: DSM inaugurates Solar Technologies Demonstration Center in India

+ 01.10.2014 + Showcasing the benefits of current & future solar technologies.

:: ContourGlobal inaugurates Peru´s largest wind farm

+ 29.09.2014 + US $ 250 million is the total investment for the construction of both Wind Farms.

:: Biomass Could Reach 60% of Total Global Renewable Energy Use by 2030

+ 27.09.2014 + Sustainable biomass can reduce global CO2 emissions, new IRENA report finds.

:: The Future of PV as a Major Electricity Source

+ 26.09.2014 + 2 % of global electricity supply will come from PV in 2019.

:: Middle East and Africa PV Market Accumulates 12 GW Pipeline with Strong Growth Potential

+ 23.09.2014 + Until now, PV demand growth has been driven by South Africa and Israel; however, more MEA countries are beginning to enter the solar PV market.

:: Japan celebrates one year completely nuclear-free

+ 18.09.2014 + The birth of a clean energy future?

:: Rooftop solar will soon be mandatory in this Indian city

+ 16.09.2014 + It will soon be mandatory for all new housing and commercial buildings in the Indian city of Gurgaon to install rooftop solar panels, a move which could set a benchmark for green policies across the country.

:: Electric bugs used to detect water pollution

+ 14.09.2014 + A University have created a low cost sensor using 3D printing technology that can be used directly in rivers and lakes for continuous water quality monitoring.

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Article 21-30 from 2302

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