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Article 351-360 from 2218

:: SOLAR IMPULSE successfully lands in Washingon D.C.

+ 17.06.2013 + U.S. Secretary of Energy Welcomes Solar Impulse Crew on Monday June 17.

:: Double-Digit Global Growth Still Likely

+ 15.06.2013 + 1.3GW of PV Installations Eliminated by EU Anti-Dumping Duties in 2013.

:: Release of the Renewables 2013 Global Status Report

+ 14.06.2013 + The Renewables 2013 Global Status Report provides unparalleled information on renewable energy markets, industries and policy frameworks.

:: 12th World Wind Energy Conference and Renewable Energy Exhibition

+ 13.06.2013 + Opening Doors for Caribbean Wind.

:: Hokkaido Faces Grid Congestion With Solar Application Surplus

+ 12.06.2013 + Developers of solar projects on Hokkaido are being forced to review their plans after the Japanese island’s sole utility received applications for large-scale solar plants that would exceed the grid’s capacity.

:: our energy policies can keep the 2 °C climate goal alive

+ 11.06.2013 + IEA report shows how to stop growth in energy-related emissions by 2020 at no net economic cost

:: New Report to the Club of Rome by Ugo Bardi

+ 08.06.2013 + High-grade global deposits of coal, oil, gas and other minerals are declining to levels where extraction costs will increase dramatically, says Ugo Bardi, energy expert in a new Report to the Club of Rome.

:: First partial systems of the largest Swiss solar power plant on the public power grid

+ 07.06.2013 + The leading Swiss solar energy company TRITEC realized the first stage of the largest solar power plant in Switzerland (5.2 MW) for Migros. The first three of four photovoltaic systems were commissioned end of May.

:: Nordex to build Ireland’s largest installed wind farm

+ 06.06.2013 + Construction works started for the 87.5 MW wind farm comprising 35 N90/2500 turbines for Bord Gáis Eireann.

:: 27 years on, Austrian animals are still radioactive

+ 05.06.2013 + Wild pigs with dangerous levels of radioactive Cäsium-137 were found in Austria.

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Article 351-360 from 2218

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