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Article 351-360 from 2141

:: International Standardisation in the Field of Renewable Energy

+ 27.03.2013 + We are pleased to inform you that IRENA’s latest study on international standardisation for renewable energy technologies is already finalised and publically available in our web site.

:: Intersolar Europe 2013 Focuses on Renewable Heat and Solar Process Heat

+ 26.03.2013 + Solar process heat, the use of solar heat for industrial production processes, is one of the most promising markets of the future for solar thermal technology.

:: "Fossil and Nuclear Fuels - the Supply Outlook"

+ 25.03.2013 + The Energy Watch Group warns of the danger to UK and World energy supplies and calls for a faster development of renewable energy sources.

:: Tapping into Previously Unused Green Electricity

+ 23.03.2013 + A highly dynamic technology from Siemens should make it possible to store wind and solar-generated electricity that would previously have gone unused by converting excess power into hydrogen.

:: Desert Power Promotes Global Energy Transition

+ 22.03.2013 + In the United Arab Emirates, the world’s largest CSP plant begins operations.

:: Solar: Japan sets new record

+ 21.03.2013 + Japan to Install More than 5 Gigawatts of PV Systems in 2013 – Overtaking Germany and the US.

:: A Life in War and Peace

+ 20.03.2013 + A Life in War and Peace is the story of Annan’s remarkable time at the center of the world stage.

:: Denmark: Minister to speak at solar energy conference

+ 20.03.2013 + Martin Lidegaard will explain the Danish solar energy policy for the coming years.

:: New Study: Renewable Energies provide great potential for socio-economic development in Africa

+ 19.03.2013 + How to unlock Africa’s untapped renewable energies potential. World Future Council and Heinrich Böll Foundation launch innovative guide.

:: Polar Umbrella Buoyant Skyscraper Protects and Regenerates the Polar Ice Caps

+ 18.03.2013 + Rebuilding the arctic layers is the primary objective of this proposal which cools down the Earth’s surface by reducing heat gain in vulnerable arctic regions.

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Article 351-360 from 2141

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