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Article 351-360 from 2274

:: Global Cooling – Strategies for Climate Protection

+ 28.08.2013 + The reader is provided with an overview of recent developments and failings in and successful instruments for fighting climate change and global warming.

:: Policy Support for Renewable Energy Continues to Grow and Evolve

+ 27.08.2013 + New Worldwatch Institute trend examines global support for renewable energy production.

:: Six percent of Germans make their own power

+ 26.08.2013 + While only a relatively small number of Germans already generate their own electricity, an overwhelming majority would like to – and only around a quarter of Germans think power supply should be left up to utilities.

:: Solar Junction surpasses its previous World-Record with certified 44.1% cell efficiency on IQE’s production qualified wafers

+ 26.08.2013 + “IQE”, (“the Group”) announces that its high-volume, production qualified material has been independently certified as achieving 44.1% cell efficiency by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), surpassing Solar Junctions previous World Record for a standard triple junction CPV cell.

:: Solarpark on hilly ground

+ 24.08.2013 + Flexible support system adjusts perfectly to different elevations.

:: New rechargeable flow battery enables cheaper, large-scale energy storage

+ 23.08.2013 + Design may support widespread use of solar and wind energy.

:: Record PV Demand from China and Japan Marks Turning Point for Solar Industry, According to NPD Solarbuzz

+ 22.08.2013 + Strong shipments to key Asian markets in 2H’13 to restore PV market confidence, as threats from trade wars and corporate bankruptcies subside.

:: SheerWind claims its INVELOX wind turbine produces 600% more power

+ 22.08.2013 + SheerWind Reports Its’ Commercial-Grade Field Unit Significantly Outperforms Traditional Wind Generation and Is Competitive with Natural Gas and Hydroelectric Generation .

:: Solar Industry Capital Expenditures Set to Rebound as Emerging Economies Boost Production

+ 21.08.2013 + The sun is finally rising on the global solar business, with growing demand in developing regions helping to ignite the first increase in industrywide capital spending in three years in 2014, according to the PV Manufacturing & Capital Spending Tool from information and analytics provider IHS.

:: Earth Overshoot Day

+ 20.08.2013 + August 20 is Earth Overshoot Day 2013, marking the date when humanity exhausted nature’s budget for the year.

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Article 351-360 from 2274

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