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Article 31-40 from 2302

:: Renewable energy will be key to Paris climate talks, IRENA says

+ 13.09.2014 + Renewables must be part of any solution to avoid catastrophic climate change.

:: Innovation across key industries to quadruple revenues for lithium-ion batteries

+ 11.09.2014 + Market participants must find ways address cost and safety concerns, finds Frost & Sullivan.

:: Record Greenhouse Gas Levels Impact Atmosphere and Oceans

+ 10.09.2014 + The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a new record high in 2013, propelled by a surge in levels of carbon dioxide.

:: Almost all Europeans say protecting the environment is important to them

+ 10.09.2014 + Three years on from the most recent similar Eurobarometer survey, it is clear that, despite the economic crisis, Europeans’ concern about the environment has not diminished.

:: World Water Week 2014

+ 09.09.2014 + Water efficiency must be the guiding star in fight to eradicate hunger and poverty.

:: The New Religious Intolerance

+ 09.09.2014 + Overcoming the Politics of Fear in an Anxious Age

:: Aircraft Emissions May Be Next for U.S. Climate Rules

+ 09.09.2014 + Aircraft may be next in line for U.S. regulation of greenhouse-gas emissions, as President Barack Obama’s administration broadens its climate-change efforts beyond automobiles and power plants.

:: Glass-glass modules from SolarWorld passes endurance test at bike show

+ 08.09.2014 + Electroluminescence measurement shows: cells are undamaged.

:: Simulations for better transparent oxide layers

+ 06.09.2014 + Touchscreens and solar cells rely on special oxide layers.

:: On the way to a safe and secure Smart Home

+ 05.09.2014 + A growing number of household operations can be managed via the Internet.

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Article 31-40 from 2302

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