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Article 441-450 from 2260

:: JA Solar Commences Mass Production of Metal Wrap-through Solar Cells

+ 26.04.2013 + JA Solar Holdings announced it has commenced mass production of metal wrap-through ("MWT") solar cells.

:: The FIAMM Group to supply Energy to the first Eco-Sustainable Luxery Resort in the Maldives

+ 26.04.2013 + Eco-tourism is no longer just a trend: it has become a conscientiously chic way of spending one's holidays.

:: Strong Growth for Renewables Expected through to 2030

+ 26.04.2013 + Improvements in cost-competitiveness means that renewables will account for between 69% and 74% of new power capacity added by 2030 worldwide, despite current difficult market conditions.

:: Report: Low Emission Car Measures Under the EU’s CO2 Regulations for Passenger Cars

+ 25.04.2013 + Ricardo-AEA report for Greenpeace and Transport & Environment.

:: Solar Photovoltaic Module Revenues to Rebound to $32 Billion by 2017, According to NPD Solarbuzz

+ 24.04.2013 + Solar photovoltaic (PV) industry module revenues are forecast to decline 20% in 2013 to $20.5 billion from $25.5 billion in 2012.

:: WINAICO ranks highest among peers in PTC ratings

+ 23.04.2013 + WSP‐260P6 outperforms well‐known competitors.

:: Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia

+ 22.04.2013 + Past global climate changes had strong regional expression. To elucidate their spatio-temporal pattern, we reconstructed past temperatures for seven continental-scale regions during the past one to two millennia.

:: Who's Winning the Clean Energy Race?

+ 20.04.2013 + In less than a decade, clean energy transitioned from novelty products to the mainstream of world energy markets.

:: Wholesalers react to anti-dumping duties

+ 19.04.2013 + The Scandinavian-German solar module manufacturer Innotech Solar (ITS) has concluded contracts with six new distributors.

:: DESERTEC Foundation presents its criteria for the implementation of large solar projects

+ 19.04.2013 + After several years of development, the DESERTEC Foundation today releases a set of criteria that ensure the social and environmental responsibility of large solar projects in desert regions.

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Article 441-450 from 2260

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