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Article 441-450 from 2220

:: Polar Umbrella Buoyant Skyscraper Protects and Regenerates the Polar Ice Caps

+ 18.03.2013 + Rebuilding the arctic layers is the primary objective of this proposal which cools down the Earth’s surface by reducing heat gain in vulnerable arctic regions.

:: Low-energy Bulbs Without Mercury

+ 16.03.2013 + It provides for illumination and saves the environment: The innovative low-energy bulb “3rdPPBulb“ is a convincing alternative to conventional compact fluorescent tubes.

:: U.S. Solar Market Grows 76% in 2012

+ 15.03.2013 + Now an Increasingly-Competitive Energy Source for Millions of Americans Today.

:: New Findings on Ozone Depletion

+ 14.03.2013 + EU project RECONCILE: Climate change could affect recovery of the ozone layer.

:: Siemens opens world's largest wind turbine R&D test facilities

+ 13.03.2013 + Siemens Energy has opened two major Research & Development test facilities for wind turbine technology in Denmark.

:: Arctic ice loss amplified Superstorm Sandy violence

+ 12.03.2013 + If you believe that last October's Superstorm Sandy was a freak of nature -- the confluence of unusual meteorological, atmospheric and celestial events -- think again.

:: Ecological Livestock

+ 11.03.2013 + Options for reducing livestock production and consumption to fit within ecological limits, with a focus in Europe.

:: Solar water supply in Pakistan

+ 09.03.2013 + Phaesun completed installation of 200 solar pumping systems in flooded areas of Pakistan.

:: IPPNW-Report: Health consequences resulting from Fukushima

+ 08.03.2013 + Since 2011, the food chain in Japan has been severely contaminated by radionuclides from Fukushima.

:: Critical Analysis of the WHO’s health risk assessment of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe

+ 08.03.2013 + On February 28th, 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) published its „Health risk assessment from the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami“.

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Article 441-450 from 2220

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