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Article 441-450 from 2142

:: On the right way: China becoming a domestic sales market

+ 19.12.2012 + China facing praise and criticism. While the global solar branch is sharply criticizing Chinese market participants, the atmosphere at the Intersolar China Conference was one of conciliation.

:: Photovoltaic Industry calls on EU to take action against Member States that backtrack on support for renewables

+ 18.12.2012 + In a letter to EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, more than 70 solar companies and associations say retroactive measures against support schemes are unfair and damage investment climate for renewables.

:: Producing and Using Self-Generated Solar Power Offers Companies Huge Savings Potential

+ 17.12.2012 + Affordable, predictable solar power can be generated over the long term for € 0.10 to.15.

:: 3rd Quarter U.S. Solar Energy Growth Highlighted by PV, Record Residential Installs

+ 16.12.2012 + Year-to-date total solar surpasses 2011 annual at 2 GW; California and Arizona lead state rankings.

:: The Danish Parliament is currently discussing an amendment of the Danish legislation for renewable energy

+ 15.12.2012 + SolarSuperState Association calls on Denmark to continue its successful historical support since the 1980s for renewables.

:: Reframing the mindset

+ 14.12.2012 + This book provides an evaluation of the science and policy debates on climate change and offers a reframing of the challenges they pose, as understood by key international experts and players in the field.

:: Sets a New Record with Triple-Junction Compound Solar Cell

+ 13.12.2012 + Sharp Develops Solar Cell with World's Highest Conversion Efficiency of 37.7%.

:: California Poised to Regain US Solar PV Dominance

+ 12.12.2012 + n 2011, California’s share dropped to 30% while New Jersey’ share jumped to 17%.

:: Solar Power from the Earths Sun Belt

+ 11.12.2012 + The earth's sun belt offers superb conditions for the harvesting of solar power.

:: Africas largest solar PV plant takes off in Ghana

+ 09.12.2012 + The 155MW plant, at Aiwiaso, in the East Nzema district, will be one of the largest in the world – only three plants in operation today are bigger – and will increase Ghana’s current generating capacity by 6%.

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Article 441-450 from 2142

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