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Article 441-450 from 2147

:: Windenergy 2012 and in the Future

+ 24.12.2012 + The year 2012 has brought many new developments in the wind power sector: Again, wind energy has been able to increase its share in the global energy mix to more than 3 %, although at a lower pace.

:: First Liquid Air Energy report

+ 22.12.2012 + Global engineering consultancy, Arup, and leading privately-owned in-dustrial gas company, Messer Group, sponsor first Liquid Air Energy report.

:: Setting the Stage for a Second Term

+ 21.12.2012 + President Barack Obama spoke with TIME managing editor Richard Stengel, White House correspondent Michael Scherer and executive editor Radhika Jones about Lincoln, marijuana, the Middle East and Hawaii moments. The full conversation follows.

:: TCHRD releases documentary on Tibetan immolations

+ 20.12.2012 + The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) released today a short documentary film on Tibetan immolations that have captured the conscience of many around the world.

:: Top-10 Solar Market Predictions for 2013

+ 19.12.2012 + Below are the top 10 predictions for 2013 from the IHS solar research team.

:: On the right way: China becoming a domestic sales market

+ 19.12.2012 + China facing praise and criticism. While the global solar branch is sharply criticizing Chinese market participants, the atmosphere at the Intersolar China Conference was one of conciliation.

:: Photovoltaic Industry calls on EU to take action against Member States that backtrack on support for renewables

+ 18.12.2012 + In a letter to EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, more than 70 solar companies and associations say retroactive measures against support schemes are unfair and damage investment climate for renewables.

:: Producing and Using Self-Generated Solar Power Offers Companies Huge Savings Potential

+ 17.12.2012 + Affordable, predictable solar power can be generated over the long term for € 0.10 to.15.

:: 3rd Quarter U.S. Solar Energy Growth Highlighted by PV, Record Residential Installs

+ 16.12.2012 + Year-to-date total solar surpasses 2011 annual at 2 GW; California and Arizona lead state rankings.

:: The Danish Parliament is currently discussing an amendment of the Danish legislation for renewable energy

+ 15.12.2012 + SolarSuperState Association calls on Denmark to continue its successful historical support since the 1980s for renewables.

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Article 441-450 from 2147

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