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Article 51-60 from 2143

:: Solar Ball Lens Improves Energy Efficiency 35%

+ 21.02.2014 + A solar power concept employing a clear ball lens coupled with a support structure that has tracking on two axes is an aesthetic design for a clean energy generator.

:: 2-B Energy to launch two-blade 6MW offshore turbine in 2015

+ 20.02.2014 + Dutch turbine company 2-B Energy said it is 18 months away from manufacturing and testing its 6MW two-bladed downwind turbine in the port of Eemshaven, northern Netherlands.

:: Paving the way for the production of high-performance solar cells

+ 19.02.2014 + Enormous export opportunities for Swiss industry

:: Remarks on Climate Change

+ 18.02.2014 + In a speech in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has warned of the consequences of climate change and called for binding global climate goals.

:: Climate change is here now and it could lead to global conflict

+ 17.02.2014 + The record rainfall and storm surges that have brought flooding across the UK are a clear sign that we are already experiencing the impacts ofclimate change.

:: Against thirst and drought in the Mediterranean region

+ 15.02.2014 + How can the increasingly scarce resource called water be exploited and used intelligently?

:: AVANCIS achieves new certification record for thin-film module NREL certified efficiency of CIS module with 16.6%

+ 14.02.2014 + AVANCIS achieved a new efficiency world record for encapsulated thin-film modules.

:: NREL Report Finds Similar Value in Two CSP Technologies

+ 14.02.2014 + Findings demonstrate increasing importance for systems with thermal energy storage.

:: Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Daiichi

+ 13.02.2014 + Social, Political and Environmental Issues.

:: A Global Perspective on the Recent Storms and Floods in the UK

+ 12.02.2014 + This winter the UK has been affected very severely by an exceptional run of winter storms, culminating in serious coastal damage and widespread, persistent flooding.

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Article 51-60 from 2143

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