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Article 61-70 from 2218

:: From the German Zugspitze to Israel’s Negev Desert

+ 07.05.2014 + Fraunhofer ISE Investigates Aging of Solar Collectors in Extreme Climates.

:: New cars meet CO2 target two years ahead of the deadline

+ 06.05.2014 + Cars sold in 2013 were 4% more efficient than the year before, according to provisional data.

:: Capital in the Twenty-First Century

+ 05.05.2014 + “Social distinctions can be based only on common utility.”—Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, article 1, 1789

:: PV Power Plants 2013

+ 05.05.2014 + Inverter, Storage and PV System Technology - Industry Guide 2013

:: Exosun and Soitec combine their expertise to bring to market a new concentrator photovoltaic system

+ 03.05.2014 + This new product has already been selected for the majority of projects under France's second tender for solar power plants over 250 kW.

:: Solar Pivot Irrigation System

+ 02.05.2014 + Successful test run of Phaesun/Irrifrance-system.

:: DualWingGenerator – power generation with the wing-beating principle

+ 01.05.2014 + With the DualWingGenerator, Festo has developed an extraordinary technology platform as part of the Bionic Learning Network.

:: Electric E-Fan Aircraft Demonstrates Airborne E-Mobility

+ 30.04.2014 + The successful first public flight of the electric E-Fan experimental aircraft was the highlight of Airbus Group’s E-Aircraft Day in Bordeaux, France.

:: "Let's Clean Up Europe" on 10 May

+ 29.04.2014 + Every year, millions of tonnes of litter end up in Europe's streets, oceans, beaches, forests and natural areas.

:: From sunlight to jet fuel: EU project makes first "solar" kerosene

+ 28.04.2014 + An EU-funded research project called 

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Article 61-70 from 2218

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