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:: PV-Customers would like more independence

+ 16.10.2012 + EuPD Research has examined the consumer behavior of PV customers in their latest study.

:: Continued Growth in Renewable Energy Investments

+ 15.10.2012 + Renewable energy technologies are quickly cementing themselves as a key pillar of energy sector development and as an economic powerhouse in their own right.

:: The market for solar storage on the move

+ 13.10.2012 + The opinion that storage solutions will play a significant role in the further development of the PV market.


+ 12.10.2012 + Hunger in Times of Land, Water, and Energy Pressures.

:: European solar manufacturers welcome latest U.S. anti-dumping decision

+ 12.10.2012 + The U.S. Department of Commerce published yesterday local time its final decision on the amounts of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties imposed on Chinese solar cells and modules.

:: World’s Largest Linear Fresnel Solar Power Station Commences Operation

+ 11.10.2012 + Puerto Errado 2 (PE2), the 30MW solar thermal power station built by Novatec Solar using its proprietary solar field technology, has been completed and is in operation.

:: World Wind Capacity has crossed 250 Gigawatt

+ 10.10.2012 + 16,5 GW of new installations in the fi­rst half of 2012, after 18,4 GW in 2011.

:: Sustainability - A cultural history

+ 10.10.2012 + Important books have been written on sustainability and sustainable development. But none like this: it’s on the cultural history of the term. By Udo E. Simonis

:: Governments invest too slowly in planet’s natural wealth, WWF tells CBD delegates

+ 09.10.2012 + Governments meeting in India to make key decisions on our planet’s future have to prove the deal they struck two years ago was not just a display of good will but a serious commitment.

:: Applied Cleantech’s New Technology Converts Sewage Waste into Sustainable Raw Materials

+ 08.10.2012 + A pioneering, ground breaking innovation will enable turning municipal sewage sludge into raw materials, to be used by paper and plastic industries around the world.

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Article 691-700 from 2334

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