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Article 691-700 from 2276

:: The biological impacts of the Fukushima nuclear accident on the pale grass blue butterfly

+ 16.08.2012 + The collapse of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant caused a massive release of radioactive materials to the environment.

:: Rapeseed biodiesel fails sustainability test

+ 15.08.2012 + European Commission’s calculations of greenhouse-gas emissions questioned.

:: EU: New rules on e-waste to boost resource efficiency

+ 14.08.2012 + Improved rules on the collection and treatment of e-waste enter into force.

:: Risk re-classified for carcinogenic everyday substance

+ 13.08.2012 + Empa X-ray expert "decodes" diesel soot

:: Environment: a new medals table for waste management

+ 11.08.2012 + A new report on how Member States manage their municipal waste shows startling differences across the EU.

:: Australia: 750,000 homes install 1.7 GW

+ 11.08.2012 + In another sign of the steady growth in the Australian solar market, figures released today show that more than 750,000 homes now feature photovoltaic arrays.

:: NREL Expands Natcore’s License To Develop “Black Silicon” Solar Cells

+ 10.08.2012 + “Black silicon” refers to the apparent color of the surface of a silicon wafer after it has been etched with nano-scale pores; the black color results from the absence of reflected light from the porous wafer surface.

:: OFFSHORE Wind Industry

+ 09.08.2012 + The English language specialist magazine for the European offshore industry. NEW FROM SEPTEMBER 2012.

:: California carbon twice as expensive as European

+ 08.08.2012 + The cost of carbon in California has risen sharply while the equivalent in the European Emissions Trading System has so far gained little from long-awaited reform proposals.

:: Collapse

+ 06.08.2012 + How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.

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Article 691-700 from 2276

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