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Article 701-710 from 2244

:: Big Energy’s new bugaboo

+ 29.06.2012 + Fossil fuel and electricity companies have declared war on people who use solar power for their homes.

:: Heliatek’s transparent solar films will enable tinted windows to generate electricity

+ 28.06.2012 + Transparent solar films will enable building glass to become energy harvesters that smoothly integrate into a building’s design.

:: A house for the 21th century

+ 27.06.2012 + To celebrate its 20th anniversary, PIK is laying the foundation stone for a new research building.

:: Commissioner Oettinger promotes benefits of renewables with energizair

+ 26.06.2012 + This kind of weather forecasts are broadcast in 15 media in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia.

:: Ambitious additional funding for renewable energy projects in developing countries

+ 25.06.2012 + In pursuit of its mission to rapidly promote the development and widespread use of renewable energy, the International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA, has announced the first funding cycle from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

:: Economic benefits of the EU Ecodesign Directive

+ 25.06.2012 + The EU Ecodesign Directive aims at reducing the environmental impact of a number of products sold in the EU, with emphasis on their energy consumption.

:: WWEC 2012 programme published

+ 23.06.2012 + 200 Presentations in 40 Sessions discuss all aspects of wind power with special focus on community power

:: Fossil fools from G20 to Rio+20

+ 22.06.2012 + Developed world governments plead here at the Rio+20 Earth Summit that they cannot offer new money to deliver sustainable development globally.

:: A bold and ambitious vision for Rio+20

+ 20.06.2012 + Results from the initial negotiations in New York.

:: The Power to Avert the Looming Climate Change Crisis

+ 19.06.2012 + After some 25 years of wind turbine development, the time has come to look for new ways to generate power in urban areas.

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Article 701-710 from 2244

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