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Article 701-710 from 2223

:: Support for climate change action drops

+ 01.06.2012 + The drop was concentrated among Americans who distrust climate scientists.

:: Protecting Antarctica, the heart of the ocean

+ 31.05.2012 + The Antarctic peninsula is one of the most rapidly warming regions on Earth. Changes in sea ice has had an impact on krill - the basis of the Antarctic food web.

:: A New Benchmark in Solar Collectors

+ 29.05.2012 + 3M and Gossamer Space Frames to Inaugurate World’s Largest Aperture Parabolic Trough Installation.

:: Climate change may create price volatility in the corn market

+ 28.05.2012 + America's No. 1 crop could see its prime growing region shift to the Canadian border or its price volatility increase sharply within 30 years.

:: Where the wild winds blow

+ 27.05.2012 + Stanford engineers use weather models to site offshore wind farms.

:: Geothermal Power - Tanzania

+ 26.05.2012 + Geothermal power is one of the solutions to solve the Tanzanian energy demand, today and in the future.

:: Global carbon-dioxide emissions increase by 1.0 Gt in 2011 to record high

+ 25.05.2012 + Global carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil-fuel combustion reached a record high of 31.6 gigatonnes (Gt) in 2011, according to preliminary estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

:: In sub-Saharan Africa, a shorter walk to water saves lives

+ 25.05.2012 + A new study shows that reducing the amount of time spent fetching water can improve the health of young children in this region.

:: Response of corn markets to climate volatility under alternative energy futures

+ 24.05.2012 + Recent price spikes have raised concern that climate change could increase food insecurity by reducing grain yields in the coming decades.

:: Walmart to install solar panels on 27 stores in Mass

+ 23.05.2012 + Retail giant Walmart said it plans to install solar panels on top of about half of its roughly 50 Massachusetts stores as early as August as part of an expansion of solar power in the state.

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Article 701-710 from 2223

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