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Article 841-850 from 2275

:: Gehrlicher Solar and Masdar PV build build roof-top installtion with full-size modules

+ 28.02.2012 + The 5.7 m² large thin-film solar modules from Masdar PV gleam in the sunshine with a slightly reddish hue.

:: 3TIER Releases 2011 Wind Performance Map of Europe

+ 27.02.2012 + More wind in the north, less wind in the south of Europe.

:: Photovoltaic in germany: Ministers agree on advanced cuts to solar subsidies

+ 24.02.2012 + Concerning the discussion on the reduction of solar subsidies, the Federal Environmental Minister Norbert Röttgen (CDU) and the Federal Minister of Economics, Philipp Rösler (FDP), have now agreed on a compromise.

:: World’s tallest solar PV-installation features MAGE SOLAR modules

+ 24.02.2012 + New York skyscraper uses MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules 50 stories above ground; 122.4 kW system also largest in Manhattan.

:: EU funded project helps citizens compare and reduce their energy consumption via TV, PC and social networks applications

+ 24.02.2012 + Citizens and business often waste energy because they do not realise which appliances and lighting use the most energy.

:: Do Americans support or oppose subsidies for fossil fuels?

+ 23.02.2012 + Poll: 70% of Americans oppose subsidies for fossil fuels

:: 3rd World Summit for Small Wind WSSW2012 highlights key markets, technical innovations and main challenges for small wind

+ 22.02.2012 + WWEA's Small Wind World Report will be launched: 700 000 small wind turbines have been installed worldwide.

:: Australian innovators in solar world first

+ 21.02.2012 + Australian Swinburne University develops 8.1% efficient broadband PV cells.

:: Chinese Tier-2 PV Module Prices Fall Below $1/W in January, But Price Cuts Slow

+ 20.02.2012 + The average price of Chinese Tier-2 crystalline PV modules fell to $0.96 per watt in January 2012, according to the latest PV module pricing report from IMS Research.

:: World Economic Situation and Prospects 2012

+ 18.02.2012 + The world economy is on the brink of another major downturn.

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Article 841-850 from 2275

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