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:: Prototype for transparent thermal collector for window integration

+ 04.05.2012 + This new transparent solar thermal collector will at the same time allow visual contact to the exterior, provide solar and glare control and it will generate heat.

:: The Race for What's Left

+ 03.05.2012 + The Global Scramble for the World's Last Resources

:: IEA Report: Tracking Clean Energy Progress

+ 01.05.2012 + A new IEA-report finds that while some progress has been made, most clean energy technologies are not on track to make their required contribution to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and thereby provide a more secure energy system. It highlights that getting back on track is possible, if timely and significant policy action is taken.

:: US solar market will explode within five years

+ 30.04.2012 + Within the next five years solar energy in a large portion of the US will be cheaper than power from the grid. Costs of solar panels and installation keep moving down, wile the transportation costs of electricity move up.

:: Solar Farming in Africa: Green Electricity Powered by the Sun - iq2 Shorts

+ 28.04.2012 + In the fourth installment of our iq2 Shorts series, Professor Michael Düren of DESERTEC argues that we can harness the African desert sun to power the world.

:: Nuclear Famine: climate effects of regional nuclear war

+ 27.04.2012 + Nuclear Famine Report: Limited nuclear exchange in one of world's regions would trigger mass global starvation after slashing Chinese, US food production.

:: Strong international support for IRENA Global Atlas initiative Launched

+ 27.04.2012 + International cooperation on renewable energy passed another milestone at the third Meeting of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM3) taking place in London (April 25-26), when  a dozen influential countries expressed their commitment to the development of the Global Solar and Wind Atlas initiative, being managed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

:: JKU Researchers Develop the World’s Lightest Solar Cells

+ 26.04.2012 + Research cooperation between scientists at the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Tokyo (Japan) has led to a revolution in the area of flexible organic solar cells.

:: Thin Film 2012–2016: Technologies, Markets and Strategies for Survival

+ 24.04.2012 + No other PV technology has seen as many false fits and starts, or held as much promise, as thin-film PV.

:: Altaeros Energies Achieves Breakthrough in High Altitude Wind Power

+ 23.04.2012 + Altaeros Energies, a wind energy company formed out of MIT, announced today that it has demonstrated high altitude power production from an automated prototype of its airborne wind turbine.

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Article 841-850 from 2333

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