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Article 841-850 from 2217

:: Society: Governments must tackle record gap between rich and poor, says OECD

+ 26.12.2011 + The gap between rich and poor in OECD countries has reached its highest level for over over 30 years, and governments must act quickly to tackle inequality, according to a new OECD report.

:: What a Wonderful World ...

+ 24.12.2011 + Attenborough's frozen planet

:: Twenty new Windfarms in UK

+ 24.12.2011 + More than twenty UK wind farm sites adopt Natural Powers ForeSite wind forecasting service for energy trading and grid notification purposes.

:: Plastic Soup is everywhere...

+ 24.12.2011 + "Plastic soup" is a vivid description for a sea polluted by broken-up particles of old plastic.

:: 21% efficiency rate achieved on 156 mm wafer using Roth & Rau`s new high-efficiency technology

+ 23.12.2011 + By achieving an efficiency rate of 21%, Roth & Rau AG has reached a new milestone in the development of its high-efficiency technology.

:: Energy Globe World Award 2011 for borehole system

+ 22.12.2011 + This year’s Energy Globe World Award has been awarded to a solar heating and cooling project in Alberta, Canada.

:: Rare-earth shortage to hamper clean energy: EU study

+ 20.12.2011 + Looming shortages of metals that are in high demand and dominated by a single supplier – China – threaten Europe’s goals for cleaner transport and sustainable energy, says a new study prepared for the European Commission.

:: 2011 German Future Prize awarded to three Dresden scientists

+ 19.12.2011 + A fascination with organic electronics – the 2011 ‘Deutscher Zukunftspreis’ awarded to three scientists from Dresden.

:: Database on the risks of genetically engineered crop plants

+ 17.12.2011 + Testbiotech offers overview of EU authorisations.

:: New cell combines latest research successes

+ 15.12.2011 + SCHOTT Solar achieves 19.7 percent efficiency with a silver-free solar cell.

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Article 841-850 from 2217

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