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Article 841-850 from 2296

:: Significant increase in collected end-of-life PV modules

+ 23.03.2012 + First quarter 2012 will end with more than 1,000 tonnes

:: Solopower sets record for flexible Cigs Solar Panel Efficiency

+ 22.03.2012 + SoloPower announced that its next generation panel has achieved an aperture area efficiency of 13.4%, a record for flexible copper, indium, gallium and (di)selenide (“CIGS”) based modules.

:: Parliament calls for low-carbon economy by 2050

+ 21.03.2012 + The Roadmap sets out "milestones" to reduce CO2 by at least 40% by 2030, 60% by 2040 and 80% by 2050.

:: European Parliament calls for binding 2030 renewables target

+ 20.03.2012 + The European Parliament voted today for the first time in favour of setting a binding renewable energy target for 2030.

:: Obama releases progress report on American energy plan

+ 19.03.2012 + Production of electricity from wind, solar and geothermal sources has nearly doubled since 2008.

:: WWEA releases Small Wind World Report 2012

+ 17.03.2012 + On the occasion of the 3rd World Summit for Small Wind during the New Energy fair in Husum (Germany), WWEA released today the first Small Wind World Report. For the first time, data about the status of small wind turbines all over the world has been gathered and published.

:: Environment: Act now or face costly consequences, warns OECD

+ 16.03.2012 + As countries struggle with the immediate challenges of stretched public finances and high unemployment, they must not neglect the longer term. Action needs to be taken now to prevent irreversible damage to the environment.

:: Heliatek opens groundbreaking production facility for the manufacture of organic solar films

+ 15.03.2012 + Heliatek GmbH inaugurated its first production facility for the manufacture of flexible organic solar panels in Dresden during a ceremony attended by the Prime Minister of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich.

:: Sunteck sets World Record 20,3% Efficiency for Pluto Cell Technology

+ 14.03.2012 + Suntech Power announced that its industry-leading Pluto cell technology set a world record 20.3% efficiency for a production cell using standard commercial-grade p-type silicon wafers.

:: Better resource management needed to avert water conflict

+ 13.03.2012 + On the eve of the sixth World Water Forum, the global conservation organization WWF has released new analysis of the reality of water conflicts and necessary actions to avoid a future marred by so-called “water wars”.

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Article 841-850 from 2296

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