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:: PV CYCLE collects the first 1,000 tons of end-of-life PV modules for recycling in Europe

+ 19.10.2011 + In early October, PV CYCLE reached its first 1,020 tons of end-of-life modules collected for recycling since the only Europe-wide programme of its kind became operational in June 2010.

In addition to the more than one thousand tons that entered the Collective Scheme, the current Individual System, which is also under the umbrella of PV CYCLE, has collected and processed 1,900 tons in the same period. PV CYCLE’s System is now well-prepared for larger volumes as the industry expands to meet the demand for renewable energy.


A photovoltaic (PV) industry-led effort, PV CYCLE is capable of processing PV modules disposed of in any country of the European Union and the EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland).


“Collecting the first 1,020 tons marks a very important milestone for PV CYCLE in particular and for the entire European photovoltaic industry in general,” explains PV CYCLE’s Managing Director, Mr Jan Clyncke.


“Having a product-lifespan of over 30 years we expect significant volumes of end-of life photovoltaic modules entering the system in the coming years. The work being done today and the success of the system so far is the best guarantee for the entire PV value-chain to be able to adequately process any modules disposed of in the near future.’’ Clyncke adds.


The largest part of the PV modules collected, almost 45%, comes from Europe’s solar power leader, Germany, followed by Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium and France. After collection, the modules are taken by PV CYCLE to partner recycling plants to be processed.


For silicon-based PV Modules, the current recycling partners with an environmentally sound treatment and the highest yields are based in Germany, Belgium and Spain; for non-silicon based PV modules the partners are based in Germany and Belgium.


Free of charge, and entirely financed by manufacturers and importers, this system is open to anyone who would like to dispose of photovoltaic modules from our member´s brands while special conditions may apply for non-members modules.


The current number of PV CYCLE members is close to 230 representing more than 90% of the European market for photovoltaic modules. Its take-back and recycling scheme is composed of more than 170 fixed collection points set up in a dozen of countries. Temporary collection points can also be installed depending on the quantities of modules to be disposed of.


For detailed information about how PV CYCLE’s system works, please click here or visit

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Article 1011 from 2334

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