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:: Revolutionary Invention Allows Planting Without Irrigation

+ 04.04.2010 + “The Groasis Waterboxx has been selected by US based Popular Science magazine as one of the top ten inventions of the world in 2010. Planting trees is a business model that helps solve many environmental and social problems while making money with it,” said Hoff.

The Groasis waterboxx invented by science award winning Dutch innovator Pieter Hoff is about to change the course of history.


Four projects to be conducted in California's high and low deserts of Palm Springs, in the Napa Valley with the Robert Mondavi Winery and USA's first sustainable city, Sonoma will join twenty other global experiments in seven countries spanning four continents.


Mr. Hoff completed a four-year treeplanting test in Morocco's Sahara desert with 88.2% survival rate. Monitored results of the worldwide tests will prove that mankind can plant trees on bushes, rocks, mountains, in deserts or any other difficult place, without irrigation. California along with the rest of the world eagerly looks forward to the results of these tests as a way to solve deforestation, food shortage and water conservation.


The Groasis waterboxx is the size of a motorcycle tyre with an opening in the center, that surrounds a sapling or seed that is planted in the soil. This 'intelligent water incubator' produces and captures water from the air through condensation and rain, without using energy. Additionally it prevents water evaporation from the soil and protects the roots against sun, wind, weeds and rodents. After a year, the tree is strong enough to grow by itself and the box can be easily removed and reused.


Hoff, one of the largest flowerbulb exporters of Holland, sold his business five years ago with one thought in mind, to find a way to reforest the planet and feed the world. He expects the waterboxx to reforest 2 billion hectares (5 billion acres) of desert, eroded by mankind, in the next 40 years. CO2 molecules can be unbound through trees, which produce fruit, medicines, oils, etcetera while transplanting the C atoms from fossil fuels into wood.


Let's make money with trees while unbinding the CO2 molecules instead of continuously talking about climate change, he explains in his book 'CO2, a gift from heaven'. What's Hoff's motivation? He states: "I want to leave a better world for our children." Launching the Groasis waterboxx at the largest environmental US Summit makes that a reality.

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Article 1434 from 2334

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