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:: WWEC2011: 100 % renewable energy is possible worldwide with today's technologies

+ 02.11.2011 + Stable frameworks are basic precondition for large scale investment in wind power in developing as well as in industrialized countries.

During the second day of the 10th World Wind Energy Conference in Cairo, the delegates discussed strategies for a transformation towards a 100 % renewable energy supply worldwide. During a session of the International Renewable Energy Alliance it was underlined that already with technologies available today, such a 100 % renewable energy supply is possible worldwide. Speakers proposed to analyze and evaluate for that purpose approaches for local autarky as well as approaches of an increased international cooperation. It was mentioned that more decentralized approaches may lead to more social benefits for local communities.


Today, the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI), also launched a study at the WWEC2011 that identified and evaluated investor preferences for framework conditions for wind energy in emerging and developing countries. The study provides insights that can help policy makers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their respective national and international support mechanisms. Wind companies expressed very clearly that they prefer long-term stable policies such as primarily feed-in tariff legislation. The study is available for a free download


WWEA Secretary General Stefan Gsänger: "Wind energy needs stable frameworks, especially in times of global uncertainty, and in developing countries. Experts and practitioners from all over the world have told us again which kind of frameworks they prefer: feed-in tariffs, as successfully implemented mainly in many European countries. The remaining challenge will be to enable governments in the developing world so that they can set up such frameworks as well. WWEA and its partners from the REN Alliance presented recently a proposal for a Global Feed-in Tariff programme, financed from the Green Climate Fund which is currently under discussion to be established at the COP17 in Durban."

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Article 1003 from 2334

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