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:: Why a 30% Climate Goal for the EU by 2020?

+ 09.03.2012 + In 2008 the European Union pledged to emit 20 percent less greenhouse gases in 2020 than it had in 1990.

Four years after this resolution it is becoming clear: This goal was too low. In 2010 the CO2 emissions of the EU were already 14 percent lower than in 1990. The collapse of industry in Central and Eastern Europe after the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc was largely responsible.


As a consequence, several EU member states want to push through a resolution to raise the low 20-percent goal to 30 percent.


This would also halt the decline in the price of CO2 certificates on the EU market for emissions trading. Yet this initiative can succeed only if Germany, the largest member of the EU, lends it active support.


The influence of a few powerful major corporations is still preventing Chancellor Angela Merkel from courageously leading the way.


By now, however, ever more voices from corporations, associations, parties and science are demanding that the German federal government, in its own economic interest as well, actively advocate strengthening emissions trading and an ambitious EU climate goal.


Not raising the EU climate goal for 2020 to at least 30 percent entails many disadvantages for the EU, Germany and climate protection.


The most important are:

  1. EU emissions trading is on the brink of collapse.
  2. Financing for a turnaround in energy policy is drying up.
  3. Pledged international climate financing is in doubt.
  4. The German 40-percent climate goal cannot be achieved with the EU 20-percent goal.
  5. The surge in investment to avert a sustained EU economic crisis is going to waste.
  6. The new impetus in the UN climate negotiations is being damped.
  7. The EU climate goal for 2050 is hardly achievable or will be much more expensive without a higher intermediate goal.

The  Climate Alliance background paper outlines why Germany should keep fighting for an EU-wide CO2 emissions reduction goal of 30% instead of the current 20% - background paper

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Article 891 from 2334

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