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East Antarctic Ice Sheet outlet glacier, Wilkes Land. © | Michael Hambrey

Satellite image from 2000 showing several major East Antarctic outlet glaciers flowing through the Southern Cross Mountains, Victoria Land, and out across the Ross Sea. These glaciers are located in the coldest part of the study region and did not exhibit any clear trends in advance or retreat, unlike those along the much warmer western Pacific coast. © United States Geological Survey Earth Resources Observation Science Centre

These panels show satellite imagery of Vanderford Glacier, Wilkes Land, East Antarctica. The image from 1963 is from declassified spy satellite imagery, with the end point of the glacier marked by a red line, where it enters the ocean. By 1990, the glacier has retreated from this position by around 3-4 km, but it subsequently re-advanced by 2000, before retreating again by 2010. This behaviour is linked to the ‘calving’ of large icebergs, which can be seen floating away. © United States Geological Survey Earth Resources Observation Science Centre
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