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:: "We need energy storage for the energy transition"

Interview with Ulrich Wagner, Executive Board Member for Energy and Transport at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Until now, energy storage has mainly been used in devices such as mobile phones or notebook computers. Energy experts say this is going to change. As the use of renewable energy sources expands, the electricity grid will change and energy storage facilities will be required to take on an important role in this process. The possible future design of such energy storage facilities ('Energiespeicher' in German) will be the subject of discussion for researchers on 7 March 2012 at the DLR Energiespeicher Symposium in Stuttgart. In this interview, Ulrich Wagner explains the urgent need for these storage facilities and the current status of research in this area.

:: "The future of energy - a moral dilemma - The market is ecologically blind"

His personal turning point was the accident with the reactor in Chernobyl. Since then journalist and author Franz Alt has tirelessly campaigned for a radical rethink of our energy industry compassing the two big environmental issues: EnergyEfficiency and renewable energies. Franz Alt is a fervent advocate of a new ethical approach. A discussion.

:: Dalai Lama: Only the truth sets free!

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize talking with Franz Alt. In the future, the Dalai Lama would love to “live as a simple monk in a monastery”. But the expectations and projections of millions of people in the whole world pinned on “His Holiness” are too high. Many regard him as a redeemer. This saddens him. A god cannot simply suspend himself. Even on this topic, which is a really serious one for Buddhists, he does what he loves most: laugh. Apparently, a divine virtue.

:: CPV today interview Dr. Frank Siebke from Good Energies on CPV´s potential

About Dr. Frank Siebke Dr.Frank is a member of Good Energies Venture Capital team which is focused on cleantech investments. He is a physicist by training and also studied economics and total quality management. Before joining Good Energies, he worked with RWE SCHOTT Solar GmbH, Schott Glas and Shell Solar Deutschland GmbH and acquired industrial experience in Japan at Sanyo Electrics New Materials Research Center in Osaka developing thin film solar cells. He has been keeping track with the CPV industry since 2005 and will participate in the 3rd CPV Summit EU in a session about CPV´s financial future.

:: The New Solar Challenge: Quality and Price

After a difficult business year 2009 with heavy declines in the solar market in the first half of the year and a noticeable relaxation in the second half, many experts predict a revival of the industry for 2010 and beyond.

:: Mental barriers were the main obstacles on the way to IRENA

Interview by Franz Alt with Dr. Hermann Scheer on the long way to IRENA. Published in

:: The Dalai Lama: "I’m going to return to Tibet"

The Dalai Lama: The financial crisis mainly teaches us that we have to learn a new modesty.

:: 10 minutes of Glasnost with Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev was in parliament (26.05.2008) for the Energy Globe Award where he picked up a lifetime achievement award.

:: The Dalai Lama: "Tibet is a part of China"

Dalai Lama: "The Chinese Government will inevitably have to open up more to western journalists than hitherto. The Olympic Games can thus be a big help for more progress. And China as the biggest nation in the world has deserved these Games. I hope that the country will soon become more transparent."

:: The Dalai Lama: “Tibet will be free”

On 27 July 2005 the Dalai Lama received the Hessian peace prize from Mr. Koch, the local State Premier, in Wiesbaden. The TV reporter Franz Alt spoke with the spiritual and political leader of Tibet beforehand about peace and human rights. It was the 21st meeting between the Dalai Lama and Franz Alt.
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Interview 1-10 from 15

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