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:: Climate change and business

+ 04.12.2008 + How Social Business is changing the world.

The forthcoming issue of forum CSR international entitled „Climate change and business“ provides you with the latest news about Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs), sheds a light upon the subprime crisis, looks behind the curtain of the often quoted LOHAS akronym and tries to give an answer to what long term success is all about, the link between integrity and business.



Table of contents for the 2/2008 issue:

  • Markets, CSR and the T-shirt of tomorrow
  • PAS2050: Consistent Approach to Carbon Footprinting Launched
  • Low carbon footprint supply chain
  • The nuclear nemesis redux
  • DESERTEC: Clean energy from the desert
  • Kyoto+: moving ahead on climate
  • Building inspiring organizations
  • The future of green building
  • The Cradle-to-Cradle revolution
  • A view behind the curtain of the financial crisis
  • LOHAS: the perceptions of the market place are changing

Special: How Social Business is changing the world

Sector report: food industry


DIN A4, color-print, FSC-certified paper, carbon offsetted print and production (by ClimatePartner).


Cutting edge answers to the most pressing problems your business case is facing.



pre-order for only 5,- € (plus shipping) until the 15th of December

regular price: 7,50 € plus shipping

ISSN: 1866-7708 (PDF-version without shipping costs)

Please order here

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Article 1710 from 2301

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