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+ 26.11.2011 + Antarctica's environment today is a microcosm of the wold environment's future: as endangered creatures, such as the chinstrap penguins, humpback whales, and albatrosses continue to face extinction, research scientists have concluded that this icy ecosystem serves as a final warning of impending environmental deterioration.

Into the Cold retraces two men's dramatic expedition to the North Pole – one of the toughest and most magnificent environments in the world – and also one that is rapidly vanishing. In two months, 400+ miles, and -50F temperatures, the film reveals a deeply personal journey by foot to the top of the world as never before seen on camera.


The film follows noted environmental advocate, photographer and polar traveler Sebastian Copeland through his training in Minnesota and Los Angeles before embarking on the two months trip on the frozen ice cap with his partner Keith Heger.


The stark reality sets in when the green, urban landscapes fade away to a bone-chilling backdrop where the two men are suddenly alone for millions of square miles of ice. Left to find inner peace in the face of physical struggle, the men become navigators of their own souls, observing humankind's direct relationship with the deterioration of their breathtaking and remote surroundings.


The mission was carried out to commemorate the centennial of Admiral Peary's reach in 1909. One hundred years from now, there will be no bicentennial expedition on foot to the North Pole, for the ice there will have long since gone.


Into the Cold transports us inside the mind of the explorer and celebrates humankind's communion with Nature, underlying one poignant message: if the Great North goes, so goes humanity.




Antarctica - The Global Warning - The Book

Renowned photographer Sebastian Copeland highlights the dangers facing Antarctica in this beautiful and inspirational book.For more than fifty years research scientists have studied the frozen continent and its threatened and endangered creatures, including the chinstrap penguins, humpback whales and the albatross. This stark yet fragile icy realm may sound our last warning before the impending destruction of the environment. Sebastian Copeland, an award-winning photographer and environmental activist, witnessed the accelerated devastation of the Antarctic ice shelf while aboard a research vessel on behalf of Global Green. He uncovered both the awesome beauty of this mysterious continent and the alarming warnings made visible through his lens. Here he shares images of not only otherworldly glaciers, fields and fjords, but also clear signs of the massive inroads that climate change has made upon this magnificent continent."Antarctica" features Copeland's presentation of scientific data and personal insights about climate change including how and why the polar regions, both North and South, continue to melt at an increasingly rapid pace.



Commentary comes from Stephen Schneider, a Stanford professor and global warming expert, and Zac Goldsmith, "The Ecologist" magazine editor, and Mikhail Gorbachev and Leonardo DiCaprio add their visions for the challenging dilemma we face. Other contributors include Will Steger and David De Rothschild, a National Geographic "Emerging Explorer". "Antarctica" includes the DVD SOS: A Global Warning, an extensive, behind-the-scenes dialogue, shot on location, between Copeland and his coproducer, aerial artist John Quigley. The story of this production-at-sea includes a montage of live action and stunning photography set to a contemporary, original musical score.

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Article 983 from 2334

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