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Article 151-160 from 2334

:: New EU reforms fail European wildlife

+ 06.06.2014 + "Finding a way to produce enough food for humanity without losing these assets is perhaps the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, the latest CAP reform has not found a way to secure them.”

:: Standing on the sidelines

+ 05.06.2014 + Why food and beverage companies must do more to tackleclimate change.

:: With Developing World ’ s Policy Support, Global Renewable Energy Generation Capacity Jumps to Record Level

+ 04.06.2014 + Now 95 emerging economies nurture renewable energy growth through supportive policies, up six - fold from just 15 countries in 2005.

:: CSUN introduces its new frameless module at this year’s Intersolar in Munich

+ 04.06.2014 + CSUN’s new frameless module is ideal for modern building applications.

:: Organic Photovoltaic Modules by the Meter

+ 03.06.2014 + EU project partners present six meter foil at LOPEC in Munich.

:: Bangladesh: Solar home systems light up 50,000 rural homes every month

+ 02.06.2014 + A project has provided access to electricity to over 377,000 households.

:: KYOCERA Grows “Green Curtains” of Foliage to Help Meet New Energy Reduction Targets in Japan

+ 31.05.2014 + As part of its long-standing environmental protection activities, the Kyocera Group is planting “Green Curtains” across Japan to help meet regional energy reduction targets following the shutdown of all nuclear reactors after the March 2011 earthquake.

:: European Solar PV Demand Stabilizes at 10 GW in 2014, According to NPD Solarbuzz

+ 30.05.2014 + European PV demand could decline to just 22% of global demand in 2014.

:: Report highlights growing role of fish in feeding the world

+ 28.05.2014 + New edition of FAO's “State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture” released.

:: WTO affirms EU ban on seal products

+ 28.05.2014 + A great day for seals! WTO upholds EU's seal ban!

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Article 151-160 from 2334

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