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Article 151-160 from 2255

:: Stion Demonstrates 23.2% Efficiency Thin Film With Simply Better™ Tandem Technology

+ 08.03.2014 + Stion announced that it has produced a 23.2% efficiency thin-film cell based on its proprietary tandem junction technology.

:: Ukrainian crisis - EU member states must end arms exports to Russia

+ 07.03.2014 + The Greens have called for an end to the supply of arms and military technology to Russia by EU member states in the context of the Russian intervention in the Crimea.

:: The stoRE project

+ 07.03.2014 + Facilitating energy storage to allow high penetration of intermittent Renewable Energy.

:: Solar PV Industry to Transition to Supply-Driven Market in 2014, According to NPD Solarbuzz

+ 06.03.2014 + Solar PV costs and prices have fallen dramatically, leading to a more balanced supply-demand picture

:: Rising flood losses require increased EU adaptation efforts

+ 05.03.2014 + A JRC co-authored article published in Nature Climate Change investigates the financial risks posed by large-scale floods across the EU.

:: Locked in the past

+ 05.03.2014 + New report explores why Europe's big energy companies fear change.

:: Waste-based biofuels sector needs smarter EU 2030 package to realize its high potential

+ 04.03.2014 + Europe could cut the carbon-intensity of transport fuels, reduce spending on oil imports and boost the rural economy by developing sustainable advanced biofuels from wastes and residues.

:: Trina Solar and ANU Jointly Develop High Efficiency Solar Cell

+ 03.03.2014 + Marks Highest Efficiency for a Back Contact Silicon Solar Cell.

:: First Solar Sets World Record for CdTe Solar Cell Efficiency

+ 01.03.2014 + 20.4 Percent Research Cell Certified at Newport Lab and Confirmed at NREL.

:: Any country can reach high shares of wind, solar power cost-effectively, study shows

+ 28.02.2014 + Transformation of power systems is necessary to guarantee flexibility over long term, but this will be more difficult in some markets than in others.

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Article 151-160 from 2255

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