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Article 31-40 from 2218

:: Europe Poised for Hot Weather as Solar May Be Record

+ 12.06.2014 + Europe faces hotter-than-usual weather through August as German solar-energy production is set to advance to a record, potentially driving power prices lower.

:: Connecting dead ends increases power grid stability

+ 10.06.2014 + Climate change mitigation strategies such as the German Energiewende require linking vast numbers of new power generation facilities to the grid.

:: Photovoltaics: Major Impact of Climate on Energy Yield

+ 09.06.2014 + Yield differences of more than 10% expected for individual module types.

:: SMA Solar Technology AG Receives Intersolar AWARD 2014 for SMA Fuel Save Controller

+ 07.06.2014 + SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) was recognized with the Intersolar AWARD in the "Photovoltaics" category for the SMA Fuel Save Controller at Intersolar Europe 2014 in Munich.

:: New EU reforms fail European wildlife

+ 06.06.2014 + "Finding a way to produce enough food for humanity without losing these assets is perhaps the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, the latest CAP reform has not found a way to secure them.”

:: Standing on the sidelines

+ 05.06.2014 + Why food and beverage companies must do more to tackleclimate change.

:: With Developing World ’ s Policy Support, Global Renewable Energy Generation Capacity Jumps to Record Level

+ 04.06.2014 + Now 95 emerging economies nurture renewable energy growth through supportive policies, up six - fold from just 15 countries in 2005.

:: CSUN introduces its new frameless module at this year’s Intersolar in Munich

+ 04.06.2014 + CSUN’s new frameless module is ideal for modern building applications.

:: Organic Photovoltaic Modules by the Meter

+ 03.06.2014 + EU project partners present six meter foil at LOPEC in Munich.

:: Bangladesh: Solar home systems light up 50,000 rural homes every month

+ 02.06.2014 + A project has provided access to electricity to over 377,000 households.

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Article 31-40 from 2218

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