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Article 31-40 from 2147

:: Northernmost section of the inland ice now melting

+ 19.03.2014 + Rising temperatures in the Arctic are now affecting even the northernmost reaches of the inland ice.

:: Employment in Renewable Energy Sector Reaches 5.7 Million Globally

+ 19.03.2014 + New IRENA report proves positive socio-economic impacts of renewable energy.

:: Berlin can be climate-neutral until 2050: Feasibility Study

+ 18.03.2014 + Berlin can reduce its CO2 emissions from presently about 21 million tons to 4.4 million tons in 2050 – despite economic growth and population increase.

:: Sustainable energy for all: Investing for Energy Access

+ 17.03.2014 + The Energy Access Practitioner Network was launched in 2011 ...

:: Can solar provide energy for 3.2 million households in South Africa?

+ 15.03.2014 + According to figures released by South Africa’s Department of Energy, around 3.2 million households in rural areas are still without electricity ...

:: Energy storage: Only a few installers actively offer storage solutions in other European countries

+ 14.03.2014 + While the German market for photovoltaic storage is slowly picking up pace, other markets are still lagging behind.

:: Groundbreaking analysis shows China's renewable energy future within reach

+ 13.03.2014 + China’s Future Generation: Assessing the Maximum Potential for Renewable Power Sources in China to 2050.

:: California ISO breaks new solar production record

+ 12.03.2014 + Connected solar and wind renewables surpass 11,000 megawatts to help light up the Golden State.

:: Number of children suffering more than doubles in third year of Syria conflict

+ 11.03.2014 + Among hardest hit are 1 million children under siege and in hard-to-reach areas.

:: Effective thermal insulation with wood foam

+ 10.03.2014 + Insulation materials of tomorrow must be both efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Article 31-40 from 2147

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