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Article 41-50 from 2280

:: Ten EU countries over fish stocks

+ 16.08.2014 + Fight against overfishing: European Commission announces deductions from 2014 fishing quotas.

:: The Economic Competitiveness of Renewable Energy

+ 16.08.2014 + Pathways to 100% Global Coverage

:: Launch of EU project: tailored solar facades to be designed at the click of a button

+ 14.08.2014 + Flexible solar building elements open new doors for architects

:: Trapped atmospheric waves triggered more weather extremes

+ 13.08.2014 + Weather extremes in the summer - such as the record heat wave in the United States that hit corn farmers and worsened wildfires in 2012 - have reached an exceptional number in the last ten years.

:: Worse news for Australia as India taps solar, Beijing bans coal

+ 12.08.2014 + As we have noted before on RenewEconomy, China’s plans to slash its already declining coal use poses a major – but certainly not unheralded – problem for Australia’s coal industry.

:: Promoting Responsible Energy Pricing

+ 11.08.2014 + The speech oft Christine Lagarde | Managing Director, International Monetary Fund | Center for Global Development, July 31, 2014

:: The Zero Marginal Cost Society

+ 09.08.2014 + The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism.

:: Lithium Ion Batteries for Consumer Electric Vehicles Will Surpass $24 Billion in Annual Revenue by 2023

+ 08.08.2014 + Automakers have yet to agree on battery performance standards, report finds

:: IHS: US and Chinese Solar EPC Companies Continue to Dominate in Global PV Installations

+ 07.08.2014 + European EPCs find shelter in South Africa as domestic markets decline

:: Climate data from air, land, sea and ice in 2013 reflect trends of a warming planet

+ 07.08.2014 + Increases in temperature, sea level and CO2 observed; Southern Hemisphere warmth and Super Typhoon Haiyan among year’s most notable events.

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Article 41-50 from 2280

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