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© Wolfgang Stahr
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Date of Birth:     




Political Science, History,  Philosophy, Theology

1967 Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis on Konrad Adenauer


Professional Career:     


Editor and reporter with Südwestrundfunk (South German Radio and Television)


Head and presenter of the political program "Report"                        

Since 1992 

Head of "Zukunftsredaktion" at Südwestrundfunk and from 


Head and presenter of the  political program "Querdenker"(Unconventional thinker) in 3sat and until 2003 Head and presenter of the 3sat program "Grenzenlos" (Boundless/without borders)


From 2003

Freelance writer of background reports and commentaries for over 40 newspapers and magazines and guest lecturer/speakerat conferences and events worldwide.


1978 Bambi

1979 Adolf-Grimme Prize

1980 Golden Camera

1983 Karl-Hermann-Flach Prize

Drexel Prize

Hans-Thoma Medal

1987 SevenPiper Prize

1992 "Golden Swallow" Environmental Prize

1994 German Solar Prize for Journalism

1997 European Solar Prize for Journalism

1998 The "Golden Ö"

2000 Environment Award from the town of Landau

2002 Environment-Online Award

2003 Human Rights "Award 2003"

2004 German Industry and Commerce Environmental Prize

German Solar Prize for the Internet page "Sonnenseite"

2005 The Steiger Award

The Golden Tree

2006 Award for Innovation - Bigi and Franz Alt

2007 "The golden flower of Rheydt"

(The eldest German Award for Environment)

2011 "Speaker of the Year" and Member of the "Hall of Fame"

2011 "Democracy-Award"

2012 Utopia-Award 2012 (

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"Education breaks generational cycles of poverty, protects children from  
exploitation and improves their very chances of survival."
Jo Becker, advocacy director, Children's Rights Division


Panel with Jeffrey D. Sachs and other renowned experts pushes for climate action. Time is running out. Jeffrey D. Sachs, renowned world economist and director of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network strongly urges policy leaders of high and middle income countries to kick-start massive climate action immediately and congratulates Germany on its Energiewende. “Carbon arithmetic is brutal: We are close to surpassing the 2°C ceiling, but the world makes little effort to prevent it and to reduce emissions sharply. The cynicism, ignorance and inertia prevailing in global policy making frighten me,” he declares. Luckily, “Europe is already well ahead the rest of the world with its energy roadmap 2050.”By Katrin Heeren


Many Western governments, including the United States and the European Union, are engaged in bilateral „Human Rights Dialogue“ with China. This dialogue is adopted as the primary instrument to promote human rights in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Today, after nearly two decades of bilateral human rights dialogue, it is an open secret that this approach has failed to produce any tangible progress. This is admitted even by diplomats conducting the dialogue in private discussions and by a number of authoritative studies. By Kelsang Gyaltsen


Many pathways to substantial greenhouse-gas reductions are available at relatively little cost, a landmark report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows. Among the options put on the table there are the use of bioenergy combined with carbon capture and storage, and comprehensive pricing of CO2 emissions. The report's team of authors has been led by Ottmar Edenhofer, vice-director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Bigi+Franz Alt
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