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Orison Energy’s home batteries could make it cheaper to power your appliances

The laws of supply and demand – maybe with a pinch of capitalism – generally dictate how much homes and businesses might spend per month on power.

As such, consumers can expect to pay a premium for running heating or cooling systems during peak energy-usage times on cold or hot days. Orison Energy is preparing to help break this cycle with a pair of home batteries. The Orison Tower and Orison Panel charge up when utility rates are low and provide power when the rates are high.

You can think of the Orison Tower and Panel as giant, external lithium-ion battery packs that can power most appliances and home electronics. This concept isn’t entirely new, as Tesla Motors announced its Powerwall home battery just a few months ago. Although many of Tesla’s and Orison’s proposed features are similar to each other, the Orison models have a few key elements that hold greater potential for consumer appeal.

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