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PV installers in the USA are optimistic about 2016

Almost 60% of American PV installers believe they will install more kWp in 2016 than last year, as the latest study conducted by EuPD Research reveals.

US installers are generally looking positively into the future. 58% of the participants of the “US PV InstallerMonitor 2015/2016” claim they will install more than in 2015. A mere 17% of the surveyed installers believe that 2016 will offer them less business than last year.

Furthermore, the industry seems to continue to create jobs. 41% of the installers plan on hiring further staff,  whereas only 16% will probably have to let a share of their employees go. The prolongation of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is valued as a high influence on the business development of the survey participants, and thus is a possible reason for the optimistic outlook.

Despite the positive developments, the installers are well aware of the competitiveness in the US PV market and try to stand out from the competition. Around a third of the survey participants claim that the quality they offer and their experience in the industry are their main strengths.

These are some of the results from the current “US PV InstallerMonitor 2015/2016“. EuPD Research reached a total number of 302 interviews with installers from 42 US states and Washington D.C. Apart from company concerns like the above mentioned, the surveyed topics are procurement management, market penetration and brand management as well as storage solutions.


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