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The solar panels on our house in Baden-Baden


The Sun Doesn’t send us a bill!

Scince 1993 we have been making double use of the sun:

In 1993 the Solar Age began for my family and for me personally. A 4.8 Kw photovoltaic plant and solar panels were installed on the roof, and in the spring of 2001 a further 4 Kw photovoltaic plant was added.
 An 8.8 Kw photovoltaic plant supplies between 6,000 and 7,000 kilowatts of solar electricity annually. For this, our local electricity provider pays us between €3000 and €3500 annually. This means that a solar plant pays for itself in the long term.

Our eight square meters of solar panels on the roof is sufficient to provide us with warm water from the sun (replacing the oil we used formerly ) for about 225 days of the year. Not only does it save us money but it also means about two tonnes of CO2 greenhouse gasses less in the environment each year. In new buildings solar panels can augment traditional heating systems, or indeed, replace them entirely. In this year 2005, there are over seven million square meters of solar panels installed on German roofs.

Our photovoltaic panels saves the atmosphere from the negative effects of some four tonnes of CO2 per year.. On a prefabricated house, erected in 1972, we now produce about twice as much electricity as an average German family uses. We even have enough solar electricity to power a solar car when all household appliances are replaced by low-energy appliances. For seven to eight months of the year our water is heated by solar panels.
 All in all, our solar panels, are saving the environment from the effects of a full six tonnes of CO2  greenhouse gasses annually.
Our solar panels were installed by Georg Salvamoser, Solar Equipment Producer in Freiburg and by the SAG in Freiburg


The conservatory in the Alt house

Our conservatory provides us with a fifth season. We live all year round among the greenery of subtropical plants and trees. The conservatory increases our quality of life while at the same time decreasing our energy costs. The “superglass” takes in the heat but doesn’t let it escape again. Thus the whole house enjoys a substantial gain in energy: we save heating costs, the air quality is exceptionally good, and it gives us a great feeling of well-being, both physically and psychologically. Both garden and conservatory are provided for using only rainwater.

Our glasshouse in Baden-Baden was designed and erected by : 

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