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How we are using vehicle batteries to revolutionise energy markets

The Mobility House works towards an emissions-free energy and automotive world.

With intelligent charging and energy storage solutions, The Mobility House AG (TMH), Zurich, enables the ’Energiewende‘ and helps to achieve a breakthrough in electric mobility: As the proportion of renewable energy in power grids increases, so does the need for energy storage solutions. To meet this demand, TMH implements the latest charging and energy storage solutions based on vehicle batteries.

To get this ambitious and pioneering project up and running, TMH has joined forces with Daimler AG and GETEC Energie AG to set up the world’s largest stationary storage made from vehicle batteries on the premises of Remondis SE in Lünen, Germany. In collaboration with GETEC Energie AG, TMH is constructing, operating and commercialising the world’s largest 2nd-use stationary storage device made from vehicle batteries, which will have a capacity of 13 megawatts on completion.

To achieve this, TMH developed a technology that allows vehicle batteries to be integrated into the power grid. In Lünen, this technology is put to use for stationary storage; in other projects, electric vehicles are integrated as aggregated swarm storage devices. Controlled and bidirectional charging are TMH’s key competences. Monetising the stored energy into the energy markets is the final step in the sustainable business model: “We work towards an emissions-free energy and automotive world,” says TMH founder and CEO Thomas Raffeiner

With our technology, we help to achieve a breakthrough in electric mobility and revolutionise the energy markets.” The ’Energiewende‘ can be implemented faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. Additionally, the projects – such as the current storage project in Lünen – ensure that the life of vehicle batteries is extended through 2nd-use application. This makes electric vehicles more competitive

Charging solutions for end consumers and industry in 20 countries worldwide

The services offered by the company also include innovative electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions and services for car manufacturers and end consumers. This includes, for example, the installation of over 5,000 charging stations at the homes of electric vehicle owners. All the leading car brands already work successfully with TMH in 20 countries worldwide. TMH’s service portfolio is rounded off by supplementary consultation and implementation of mobility, energy and infrastructure projects, which all contribute to driving forward the company’s vision of a future without emissions.

Visions, concepts and specific projects – such as the 2nd-use stationary storage in Lünen – are proof that sophisticated technologies can blaze the trail for combining environmental protection with profitability.


The Mobility House AG (TMH) 2015

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