Curriculum Vitae

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Franz Alt

Looking forward to the future

As the son of a coal merchant and a long time supporter of nuclear energy, I have been committed to the solar age and a solar global economy since Chernobyl. Only 100 percent renewable energy can stop the climate warming.
I have been working as a television journalist and author for many years. My books reached over 3.5 million copies and have been translated into 23 languages.

Gütersloher publishing company: “Franz Alt is the most awarded German television journalist.”
Benevento publishing company: “Franz always profiled himself as a critical mind that questions common readings in the field of environmental and peace policy.”

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth:     


Political Science, History,  Philosophy, Theology
1967 Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis on Konrad Adenauer

Professional Career:

Editor and reporter with Südwestrundfunk (South German Radio and Television)

Head and presenter of the political program “Report”                        

Since 1992 
Head of “Zukunftsredaktion” at Südwestrundfunk and from 

Head and presenter of the  political program “Querdenker”(Unconventional thinker) in 3sat and until 2003 Head and presenter of the 3sat program “Grenzenlos” (Boundless/without borders)

From 2003
Freelance writer of background reports and commentaries for over 40 newspapers and magazines and guest lecturer/speakerat conferences and events worldwide.


1978 Bambi
1979 Adolf-Grimme Prize
1980 Golden Camera
1983 Karl-Hermann-Flach Prize | Drexel Prize | Hans-Thoma Medal
1987 SevenPiper Prize
1992 “Golden Swallow” Environmental Prize
1994 German Solar Prize for Journalism
1997 European Solar Prize for Journalism
1998 The “Golden Ö”
2000 Environment Award from the town of Landau
2002 Environment-Online Award
2003 Human Rights “Award 2003”
2004 German Industry and Commerce Environmental Prize | German Solar Prize for the Internet page “Sonnenseite”
2005 The Steiger Award | The Golden Tree
2006 Award for Innovation – Bigi and Franz Alt
2007 “The golden flower of Rheydt” | (The eldest German Award for Environment)
2011 “Speaker of the Year” and Member of the “Hall of Fame”
2011 “Democracy-Award”
2012 Utopia-Award 2012 (
2013 GREEN BRAND Germany 2013 – Dr. Franz Alt (
2014 Ehrenpreis der Norddeutschen Bauwirtschaft für sein Lebenswerk.



Our winter garden gave us a fifth season. We live all year round in the green under subtropical plants and trees. The winter garden is a gain in quality of life and an energy gain in addition. The “Super-Glasses” absorb the heat, but do not let it escape. Thus the whole house gains energy, we save heating costs, the air quality is uniquely good and we feel very well mentally and physically. Garden and winter garden are completely supplied with rainwater.


The sun sends 15,000 times more energy every day than all six billion people currently consume. We regard this offer as a gift from heaven. We like to use the energy from the boss himself. It is environmentally friendly, climate-friendly, free and will last for 4.5 billion years. We insure: the sun has never sent us a bill.