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Transparent Noise Protection for Humans and Animals

As the volume of traffic on roads and railways grows, the noise affecting humans and animals also increases.

To protect them from the impact of continuously increasing noise, Makrolon® is more and more becoming the material of choice for noise protection barriers along highly frequented highways, expressways and railways. The solid polycarbonate sheets do more than just reduce the noise level. They resist weathering, falling rock and collision impact as well as vandalism. And because they are transparent, they fit seamlessly into their surroundings. To ensure the well-being not only of the residents but also of birds, the sheets also feature highly effective protection against bird collisions.

Makrolon® Silent Sound solid sheets with a thickness from 8 to 20 millimeters reduce the noise level by up to 34 dB. The sheets are certified according to DIN EN 1793-2 and provide sustainable noise protection even in places where high-speed trains rush by at 250 km/h.

The transparent sheets are available in various colors, bringing a welcome visual change and making drab, dreary noise protection barriers a thing of the past.

Transparent noise protection barriers fit seamlessly into their surroundings. However, they can be a hazard for birds that do not recognize them during flight due to the sheet’s transparency. This fact was taken into consideration in the development of the Makrolon® Silent Sound solid sheets. Bird-friendly markings on the polycarbonate sheets provide highly effective protection against bird collisions. These properties have been studied and are certified in accordance with ONR 19140 (Austrian Standards Institute).

The sheets are also extremely resistant against weathering thanks to their special extended UV protection, and with their high impact resistance they withstand stone impact and falling debris. Bayer MaterialScience gives a limited 15-year warranty against breaking and for optical quality based on the expected sheet life of 50 years. Makrolon® Silent Sound BF AR also features an abrasion-resistant surface coating that protects the sheet against graffiti, allowing the removal of graffiti almost entirely with special detergents. The sheet fulfills the requirements for graffiti resistance according to the NF F31-112 standard.

With a maximum weight of only 24 kg/m2, the polycarbonate sheets from Bayer MaterialScience are lightweights compared to conventional building materials while fulfilling the highest possible safety standards. The solids sheets are tested and certified according to all relevant German and European standards.

Like all Makrolon® sheets, Silent Sound has excellent processing properties. Whether cold-bent or processed planar, the number of machines required remains low, even for complex component geometries. Processing is fast, break-free and safe so that the sheets can even be processed on site, which saves time and costs. Their light weight makes the polycarbonate sheets ideally suited for use on bridges.


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