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Low-carbon success stories to inspire the world

The argument that decoupling emissions from the economy would be difficult, expensive, and compromising economic development no longer holds.

This Sitra report, based on an analysis by Ecofys, has found that the world could cut about 12 gigatonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions in 2030, by only scaling up established and proven climate solutions.  

The report has identified 17 low-carbon solutions that have been successfully implemented in both developed and developing countries. These climate solutions are not only reducing emissions but also contributing to sustainable development, economic growth and poverty reduction. We show that scaling up or replicating proven solutions in other countries is feasible and could lead to substantial global emission reductions. Moreover, we show that many of these solutions are cost-effective.

The potential mitigation impact of scaling up proven low carbon solutions provides strong arguments to the international climate community to act quickly. By showing what is already achieved at national levels, we hope to encourage national governments to pledge more ambitious commitments and start implementation sooner than later.

Additional insights and materials are available at the project website: greentoscale.net



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