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Commission opens a public consultation on future measures to prevent dumped imports from China

The European Commission today launched an online public consultation as regards the methods used in the EU’s antidumping procedures concerning China.

The question is whether, and if so, how, the EU should change the treatment of China in its anti-dumping investigations after December 2016. The online consultation, which will be open for ten weeks, invites stakeholders to give their opinion on the various options being considered by the Commission.

This public consultation is part of an in-depth impact assessment that will include a careful study of the economic effects of any potential change broken down by Member States, with a particular focus on jobs.

The decision to carry out an impact assessment concerning a possible change of the treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations is a result of the orientation debate that took place in the Commission’s College on 13 January. The College of Commissioners will return to the matter this summer.

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