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EU to remove trade duties on solar panels

SolarPower Europe hails EU decision to end 5 year-long trade duties. The European Commission has announced that it will end the trade measures in place on solar panels and cells imported from China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Dr Christian Westermeier, President of SolarPower Europe applauded the Commission’s decision to withdraw the trade measures: “This is a watershed moment for the European solar industry. By removing the trade duties, the European Commission has today lifted the single biggest barrier to solar growth in Europe. The Commission’s move to end the trade measures is unquestionably the right one for Europe, we expect to see a significant increase in solar jobs and deployment – which will only propel the energy transition in Europe.”

James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe said: “Today the European Commission has unleashed a new solar age in Europe. The trade measures have made solar much more expensive than necessary in Europe , by removing them, solar will now be cheapest form of electricity in many EU countries – this means that many more consumers and national governments will be able to invest in solar. The removal of the measures will also help EU manufacturers along the solar value chain through increased demand for their products. This decision coupled with a strong industrial strategy as proposed through the European Commission’s Clean Energy Industrial Forum will also undoubtedly increase the amount of solar products made in Europe.”

Kristina Thoring, Senior Political Communications Adviser at SolarPower Europe said: “The trade measures have been deeply unpopular in Europe. There has been a strong backing from companies, NGOs and Member States to remove the duties that simply do not align with the EUs climate and energy goals. Removing these measures is a big step towards the EU taking leadership on solar and renewables.”

The trade measures will officially expire on 3rd September 2018.


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