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Information offered by German utilities about “green products” has little importance for end customers

From the point of view of 1,000 German households, the relevance of information offered by utilities clearly lacks behind other offers.

The market and economic research institute EuPD Research has surveyed 1,000 households on the relevance of information offered by utilities regarding “green products”. It turned out that both, information offered by architects and craftsman as well as the information issued by the government and ministries, are attributed as being most significant.

In a recent study by the Bonn-based market research and economic research company EuPD Research, so-called “green products” are examined. Sustainable products, which are employed in the context of the so called Energiewende (energy transition), are understood here as “green products”. This includes solutions such as photovoltaic systems or heat pumps as well as electric vehicles or smart home applications. Green products have hardly been visible in the everyday life of citizens so far, which explains an increased demand for information.

Concerning various sources of information about green products, highest importance is assigned to architects and craftsman by far, as well as the internet portals of the government and ministries. The analysis of 1,000 households surveyed reveals that utilities have only below-average relevance in gathering information about green products. “This result is astonishing given that the utilities want and have to establish themselves as providers of products and services in the context of the Energiewende and sustainability in order to be able to cater the needs of the end customers in the future,” summarizes Dr. Martin Ammon, Head of Energy Economics at EuPD Research.

In 2017, EuPD Research conducts a nationwide survey on the topic of “utilities in energy transition” for the first time. The presentation of the research results and the award of the best utilities in Germany will take place on June 1, 2017 at the trade fare Intersolar Europe. Initiators of this project are Intersolar Europe, DCTI German CleanTech Institute and EuPD Research.      


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