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Nearly half of all German installers purchase their PV modules directly from the manufacturer

This is the highest share amongst the European markets.

The downfall of the German market continued and, for the first time, the German market dropped behind the UK with a total installed capacity of 1,9 GW in 2014. Nevertheless, Germany remains one of the most important markets in Europe, especially due to the large commercial segment.

Bonn. German PV installers tend to purchase their modules directly from the manufacturers, as 44% of the participants of the “European PV InstallerMonitor 2014/2015” in Germany indicate. This marks a further increase to the previous study. Despite installers procuring modules most often from Yingli, SolarWorld and Heckert Solar, the module landscape in Germany is very diversified, as module brands are rarely offered exclusively. REC, LG and IBC Solar are the most likely brands to be recommended by the surveyed installers in Germany. Furthermore, 85% of the German installers either already offer energy storage or are planning to do so.

These are some of the many results of EuPD Research’s annual monitoring of installers. Over 750 companies in Europe were surveyed and questioned about their procurement behavior, product portfolio, satisfaction with and recommendation of brands, as well as energy storage solutions. The “European PV InstallerMonitor 2014/2015” will be offered with a special price advantage of 40% until 31st July 2015.

For further information regarding the offer, please click here European PV InstallerMonitor 2014/2015. In case of any questions regarding the offer or the results of the study, please contact project leader Saif Islam (+49 22897143 20 | s.islam@eupd-research.com) or our press office.


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