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Solar Powering Buildings: A New Age of Energy Producing Homes

On a bright sunny Brussels day, the European Commission has brought out its “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package, designed to build a smart energy future based on renewable energies. The package gives an important focus on buildings, which will be a major enabler for this transition.

‘The time of smart and active buildings has come. The initiative today sets a framework for further digitalization of energy through home automation, storage, and onsite energy generation. As one of the key technologies for active energy generation, Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) will be essential for smart buildings and can turn buildings even energy positive. BIPV is developing very quickly and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) needs to make sure that these innovative technologies find a way to market,’ said David Müller, Global Head of Strategic Marketing PV at Merck and SolarPower Europe’s BIPV task force leader.

Smart building management and on-site renewable generation are two sides of the same smart coin, enabling the EU to take a major step towards a smart energy transition for urban residents, as well as commercial buildings. The solar power sector will be instrumental in successfully driving this evolution, notably through highly innovative products such as building integrated solar, facilitating electricity generation in the building structure itself.

Christophe Arnaud, SolarPower Europe expert on solar in buildings, commented ‘the package today goes some way to ensuring that solar will play a key role in the development of smart buildings, and we support the inclusion of self-consumption of solar as a means to meet efficiency targets in buildings, contributing to increased savings at system level. This is a good first step to delivering consumer centric energy initiatives.’

The dossiers will now pass to the European Parliament and the Member States for finalization.


SolarPower Europe, the new EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association), is a member-led
association representing organisations active along the whole value chain. Our aim is to shape
the regulatory environment and enhance business opportunities for solar power in Europe.  

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