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SOVENTIX developing solar parks of up to 140 megawatts in Alberta, Canada

Project development of six solar parks with a capacity of up to 140 megawatts – SOVENTIX expands into the Canadian Province of Alberta -Alberta’s Renewable Electricity Program (REP) offers new growth perspectives for SOVENTIX.

SOVENTIX Canada Inc. has commenced the development of several solar projects with a capacity of up to 140 megawatts (MWp) in Alberta, Canada. The six projects with a potential nameplate capacity from 15 to 45 MWp are located near Calgary and Edmonton. Building on Soventix Canada’s success in the Ontario, the current projects will further drive the expansion of SOVENTIX in the Canadian solar market. “With our long-standing expertise in international markets and the use of best-in class technology, we are able to offer investors attractive investment opportunities in Canada. We are excited about the projects we are developing in Alberta and look forward to bringing these projects into operation under Alberta’s new initiative to incentivize the procurement of new renewable energy generation”, says Michael Kendon, Managing Director, SOVENTIX Canada. “In Ontario we have a proven track record of developing and delivering successful larger scale operating PV projects – and we are bringing that expertise to Alberta, making us a strong partner for investors looking to that market.”

SOVENTIX’ expansion in Alberta

Due to the demand by investors for solar projects in North America, and in anticipation of the expected REP, SOVENITX Canada expanded its current field of operations to Alberta, identifying and screening a number of sites. At the time of the REP announcement in November 2016, the company had established six projects, which are located near Coronation, Vilna, Duchess and Fort Macleod. Land control has been secured and all projects are being developed in preparation for the first RFP. SOVENTIX is going to carry out the total development of the projects and is seeking partners who are interested to participate in the upcoming RFP process as long-term owners of the operating solar parks.

Attractive perspectives for Soventix’ Canadian business

The Canadian solar market holds attractive perspectives for SOVENTIX – the company continues to play an active role in the bidding processes in selected Canadian markets. Last year SOVENTIX closed important strategic alliances with SolarShare, Ontario’s leading renewable energy co-operative investment fund for the delivery of 11 Feed-in-tariff PV projects that went into construction at the end of 2016. “The Canadian market has potential and the necessary foundations for appropriate participation in growth have been laid. The positive development of our Canadian business shows that we are on the right track. We are planning to expand our activities to enable our investors to participate in the attractive prospects of the Canadian solar market”, says Claas Fierlings, Managing Director of Soventix GmbH.



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