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The Green Fibre Bottle

The Green Fibre Bottle is an ongoing development project with the purpose of creating an environment friendly bottle that is biodegradable and can replace plastic bottles.

The bottle has several environmental advantages internationally – as regards the production too.


  • Optional design of bottle with either screw cap or single-use seal. And fits in with any existing filling plants. 
  • Made from paper pulp, which also is renewable resources. 
  • New patented production technology guarantees high level of energy saving – up until 80% compared with conventional moulded pulp production. 
  • After use the bottle can enter into recycling systems on equal terms with cardboard and paper, or decompose directly in nature. 
  • The production unit is small and compact, thus it can be transported and put up wherever in the world the bottles are to be filled.

The development project is carried out in collaboration among a number of experts including the Danish Technological Institute. The project budget is estimated at DKK 10M of which 60% is funded by the Business Innovation Fund in Denmark.

For additional information on the project, please contact EcoXpac.


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