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WIRSOL opens largest solar park in Scandinavia

Approximately 61-megawatt solar park the foundation for further projects in Denmark

 The figures speak for themselves: a five-month construction period, approximately 61-megawatt peak output system and an annual generation of approximately 61.244 megawatt-hours. The talk is of Scandinavia’s largest solar park, located on the Lerchenborg estate in Denmark. Construction of the solar power plant was completed promptly by Waghäusel-based planner and energy service provider WIRSOL. Not only is the park the largest the Baden-Wuerttemberg company has ever built, but it also forms the foundation for further projects in Denmark in 2016.

Located on over 80 hectares of land on the Baltic coast around one hour from Copenhagen, the solar power plant will generate enough power to supply close to 30,000 private households with green electricity. “Due to the high level of insolation and a constant wind for cooling the modules, the site is ideal for solar energy generation,” said WIRSOL CEO Dr Peter Vest, explaining the choice of location. A further benefit is the close proximity of a number of potential direct consumers. Finding a sufficient number of consumers promptly for the locally generated power would certainly be an optimal solution, particularly for when the feed-in tariff ends.

Equipped with 248.730 Astronergy solar modules and around 1.750 inverters from pv system technology specialists SMA, the Danish solar park is also the largest WIRSOL have ever built. “Only a few companies in the world are in a position to technically and financially cope with facilities of this magnitude,” said Peter Vest, “which makes the trouble-free realisation of the project even more gratifying.” At the same time he sees the Lerchenborg solar park as the first step towards bringing other future projects in Denmark to fruition: “With this solar park, we have succeeded in positioning ourselves as the ideal partner in our European target markets.”

The company is already aiming to consolidate that position next year with additional projects in Scandinavia and further strengthen it with a sustainable and long-term business approach. “Photovoltaics is on the verge of a renaissance all over Europe, with the generation of solar power proving more cost-effective than direct procurement from local energy providers in most places,” explained Peter Vest, “We will continue to realise environmentally sound and lastingly secure facilities in the future.”


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