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The Lilypad Palm Beach | With all the glory of the sun.

© The Lilypad Palm Beach | With all the glory of the sun.

100% solar-powered floating villa

Australian designer Chuck Anderson’s Lilypad is a 100% solar-powered villa floating off Palm Beach in north Sydney.

It’s a sensation we’ve all experienced, floating leisurely on the ocean surface with the sun warming our skin and painting our eyelids coral coloured. But who among us hasn’t thought, at that very moment: “This is wonderful, but it would be even better if I had a villa.”

Well, Australian architect Chuck Anderson heard what the people want and built the Lilypad, a solar-powered floating villa bobbing just off Sydney’s Palm Beach. 

The Lilypad is 100% solar-powered – a design feature targeted from day one.

“Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and spending much of my life around boats, I always had a vision to create something truly special that people can now enjoy as their own,” Anderson told euronews. “Lilypad Palm Beach certainly brings new meaning to the phrase self-sufficient.”  

For the full story, please visit our pv magazine Australia website.


The report was written by the editorial office “pv-magazine” (Blake Matich) 2020 – the article may not be redistributed without permission! 

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