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2016 Swiss Environmental Prize

On January 12, 2016, the first ex-eaquo prize of the Umweltpreis 2016, in the INNOVATION category, was awarded to CSEM at a ceremony held in Basel, Switzerland.

This award is fantastic recognition of an innovative technology that will significantly reinforce the role of solar electricity generation in future cities and in green architecture. “Using the strength of technology to realize appealing products for people, architects, or builders—this award is a fantastic recognition of the work of an entire team; a team with a vision of more sustainable cities and electricity production,” stated Christophe Ballif, Vice-President of the PV-center at CSEM.

Our revolutionary technology lets us achieve what was supposed to be impossible—white and colored solar panels with no visible cells or connections. It can be applied on top of an existing module or integrated into a new module during assembly, on flat or curved surfaces.

Color solar panels that will revolutionize the built environment

CSEM’s PV-center has realized the decades-old dream of architects and built-environment experts—photovoltaic solar panels can now be produced in pure white and any other color. It’s not enough to be inventive in the lab, PV innovation needs to take place in collaboration with architects, urban planners, and politicians for it to be effective.

The crystalline silicon panels are overlaid with a selective filter that scatters the visible spectrum and converts half of that spectrum—infrared solar light—into electricity. The nano-engineered polymer films employed conceal all cells and connections.

CSEM has ensured an efficient transfer of the technology to its manufacturing partner Solaxess, and engineers from both organizations will collaborate on equipment choice, training, and quality control. CSEM will always be there in the background to support and to improve the manufacturing of this technology. It’s a long-term relationship.

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