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BLECTRIC | BELECTRIC EBU at the solar power plant Alt Daber near to Berlin, Germany

© BLECTRIC | BELECTRIC EBU at the solar power plant Alt Daber near to Berlin, Germany

BELECTRIC starts serial production for grid-connected EBU Energy Storage System

The new EBU release includes improved battery management and paves the way to unique grid stability functions.

BELECTRIC has started the serial manufacturing of its latest EBU Energy Storage System, which will be installed at various projects in the German transmission network for frequency regulation during 2016. BELECTRIC also received planning permits required from the German Authorities to install those systems.

The EBU energy storage system was successfully qualified for frequency response by the transmission network operator (TNO) back in mid 2015 with the first system installed in the German network at the Solar Power Plant Alt Daber in Brandenburg successfully offering services on the Primary Frequency Response Market on a weekly basis. The recent decision to setup serial production of EBU storage systems is following the successful performance of the EBU at Alt Daber and the company’s strong sales pipeline.

“Through its 10 months of operation, the battery system at Alt Daber has proven its excellent ability to improve the stability of the transmission network operation through fast response to frequency fluctuations caused by generators or interconnection trips”, said Bernhard Beck, Executive Chairman of BELECTRIC. “We are confident in the quality of our turn-key storage solution, its attractive price and its additional functionality to provide ancillary grid services throughout the transmission network in Europe as well as worldwide.”

BELECTRIC’s state-of-the-art battery solution was developed in-house. The advanced lead-acid battery design was optimized for a long service life, low cycle costs, high performance and suitability of any climate conditions. This was achieved through a solid design, which significantly increases the system life and boost the system performance like innovative charging and reactivation processes, automatic ventilation cooling and cell based voltage control.

The use of BELECTRIC´s advanced lead-acid battery technology allows investors and grid operators a significantly higher reliability than any other battery technologies and an established recycling capability. The storage system is integrated in a standard 40ft container with cost effective assembly and easily transportable. Following the company’s initial success in Germany, BELECTRIC plans for further development of this business segment to additional countries in Europe and USA and welcomes local partners in those countries. 

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