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First multi-picea storage system in property with several residential units

HPS Home Power Solutions AG (HPS), provider of the world’s first green hydrogen-based year-round electricity storage system for buildings, celebrates the next milestone: Germany’s largest multi-picea project was officially inaugurated on 29 October 2022 in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria. Nine cascaded picea systems supply a building with a total of 2,800 square metres and six residential units with solar power from its own roof all year-round. A 180 kilowatt peak photovoltaic system generates the solar power.

„With multi-picea, i.e. cascaded picea systems, we now also supply larger building units with solar power all year round. We are further expanding our product range with our multi-picea solution. After an initial commercial application, the first building with several residential units is now following. For larger building complexes, multi-picea is the ideal solution, for the greatest possible independent and CO₂-free energy supply“, says Zeyad Abul-Ella, founder and CEO of HPS.

Thanks to hydrogen, the storage capacity of picea is many times higher than that of conventional batteries. For even higher storage capacities in large properties, a large number of picea systems can be connected together thanks to the “Forester” product extension. The HPS solution for medium-sized companies and buildings is dimensionable. For example, multi-picea in Bad Kissingen can store 13,500 kilowatt hours of electrical energy in 45 hydrogen bundles and thus supply the building with self-produced and CO₂-free solar power all year round.

The multi-picea system uses the process heat generated and makes it available to the building. In addition to a high level of supply security, this results in an overall utilisation rate of up to 90 percent. In addition, multi-picea supplies the building’s five heat pumps with solar power from its own roof in summer and winter.

multi-picea is already being used successfully in Meckenheim in North Rhine-Westphalia. A sanitary and heating company is supplied with five picea systems.


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