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First steps into the 4th Revolution

Preben Maegaard, president of the SolarSuperState Association

The first commercial, reliable and affordable wind turbines appeared as the people’s response to the 1973/1974 oil crisis that had caused severe unemployment and financial problems for the small Denmark’s five million people. Denmark relied almost 100 % on imported oil for heating, electricity and mobility. A paradigm shift within the supply of energy was absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, really many people had visions and lust to design and manufacture the perfect windmill. Even more people were ready to spend their savings to purchase a wind turbine that within a five-year period through the trial-and-error method and countless concepts resulted in what proved to become the contemporary wind turbine concept and the basis of large-scale, worldwide industrialisation.

The pioneers had to acquire fundamental knowledge on aerodynamics, technology and controls; make mistakes and learn from experience. The development was built on whatever worked best. What took its beginning in 1975 within the course of five to eight years, became a real modern industry. In that period the Danish concept was defined; reliable and affordable wind turbines became available.1 The first uncertain steps into the 4th Revolution, the transition to the renewable energies had been taken.2

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